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Stub Review: Movie Run Down…

I promise…I swear to god at some point I will return back to my traditional way of doing the stub reviews, but honestly, I’ve just seen so many movies at once, it is much easier for me to summarize my thoughts on the mass, than write out long essays on the few that I think deserve it.

Anyway, last time we left off, the Summer Film season came to an end, so with the exit of blockbusters and tent pole films, comes more ready to be nominated hopefuls and …crap. Yes, just like in January and February, that time between Summertime and Oscar season, is filled with a lot of PG-13 scary films, genre specific movies, and just anything the studios can hopefully roll out without too much prep work.

On to the films…

The Family – 5/10

It’s not as much of a comedic take of the Mafia genre as the commercials kinda let it be played up, but more of a …R-rated version of Analysis This if you base the film on DeNiro’s character from that film too. Luc Besson the man behind the camera of one of my all time favorite films in Leon, kinda disappoints with a average movie, where the likes of DeNiro and Pfeiffer give better performances than the film deserves.

Prisoners – 9/10

I dont know what to say about how strong of a film this is, but only its writing and directing, but the effort and sacrifice you can tell went into the acting from Hugh Jackman, to Paul Dano, and Jake Gyllenhaal. Those three, which is not give least credit to the rest of the actors, but those three all put in career performances. The Hugh Jackman in this film, could make Wolverine in any of the other X-Men films come off as a teenage whiny girl, which how vicious and angry a father can be when his daughter is taken away from him. The plot points are hard to talk about in detail without giving away spoilers, but if you think this is a pain by numbers drama by the trailers, do yourself a favor and pay out that twelve bucks and sit back and watch one of the best films of 2013 at your local theater. Its riveting, heart breaking, and makes you even second guess yourself, thinking at which points would you consider doing…or not doing what the characters in the film resort too in order to gain justice.

Thanks For Sharing – 6/10

All I could think about the first 20 minutes were how pissed of Tony Stark was going to be that Pepper Potts and Bruce Banner were banging behind his back. After that wore off, the film which is more a character study than a film driven by plot, is showing how sex/drug addicts dealing with that itch in every day life and comedic situations mostly. Pink makes what im guessing is her acting debut, which isn’t to bad, the script isn’t really something too dramatic, so I guess it was a safe attempt for her. Tim Robbins is really good as the long time recovering addict that is looked at as a leader to many, but still dealing with his family issues.

Blue Jasmine – 8/10

Woody Allen does not know how to not produce something yearly. I don’t think Blue Jasmine tops the feel or genius that was Midnight Paris, but its right there in quality as some of his better films since the 2000’s. Cate Blanchett is fantastic and award winningly good. Andrew Dice Clay and Louis CK both have semi-small supporting roles and Dice was better than expected. But the film lives and breathes through Blanchett’s amazing performance.

Rush – 8/10

Rush is probably, if not easily the best thing Ron Howard has done since A Beautiful Mind. Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl are both great, while I dont know that much about Formula 1 racing or the historic rivalry that is being told int his film, for anyone like me, the film easily opens you up to the dynamic between both men and the intensity of the races, as well as the danger.

Don Jon – 8/10

Joseph Gordon-Levitt writes/acts/directs this film, but probably the wises choice he did was pick Scarlett as his on-screen love interest. Somewhere in my top five, Jersey guidette Scarlett ranks as one of her hottest versions (do I smell a potential future Top Ten list ??). Besides all of that, the film actually is a good directorial debut for Levitt, he is the sole focus of the film, so there is not that many scenes without him on it, so I’m guess he had a heavy workload for his first time behind the camera. There are some bumps in the road, some easy cuts he could of made to make the film flow a bit better and tighter, but in the end, its a good film that talks about the idea of how overly sexualized woman are in our society for people our age.

The Spectacular Now – 7/10

It is a indie teen romance in the most simplistic of descriptions, but deep down its more about how vulnerable most kids are coming out of high school to not only life, but love. Miles Teller plays Stutter as a functioning soon to be alcoholic teenager with no drive, while Shailnene Woodley greatly portrays the most perfect idea of that “girl next door” high school romance. From the start you can feel that everything around Stutter is planned for destruction, but its an enjoyable and touching ride to see where life takes him. I really dug the film and really starting to enjoy Woodley more and more in more of the films I’m seeing her in.