Lightining Speed Stub Review: Round II

I’m a little behind on my usual weekend Stub-Reviews, but this is for good reason, I’ve been eyes glued to both the internet watching the constant updating coverage of the San Diego Comic-Con , which trust me will get it’s own post on this sight with all my thoughts on all the big things, but also getting hooked on the long finished, but just making my radar The West Wing.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching everything that has come out and here are my thoughts on them, besides a few films that came out this weekend that I haven’t’ seen yet, which will be in my next lightning round session. You can tell when the summer spectacular of the film season is coming to the end, because you have box office bombs like Red 2 and R.I.P.D extinguishing the box office charts; not lightening them up.

Pacific Rim – 7.5/10

Awesome. Its a leave your mind at the door type of movie, its a simple concept of monsters vs. mechanical robots and throw in some Charlie Day and Ron Perlman awesomeness to keep you through all the technical stuff. I was completely thinking about Power Ranger fights when the buildings were getting destroyed too. I’ve heard they want to make this into a franchise, but seeing how the film ending, I’m curious how they would tackle a sequel.

The Lone Ranger – 7/10

I have to be honest, I enjoyed this movie much more than I thought I would. It’s easily better than any of the Pirate sequels that have been turned out over the last few years, it does run a bit long and gets tedious here and there, but Depp and Hammer both work well together and the final act is a really fun and well done action piece. Its budget probably was bloated way more than needed, but still thought it was a good summer popcorn flick.\

Grown Ups 2 – 3/10

It is sooo bad. Not as bad as Jack and Jill or some of Sander’s latest, but its still so bad. If you look back at all the films that Sander has made in the past ten year, everything that hasn’t been associated with his Happy Madison company has been pretty good, but his “typical” comedies have all just been getting worse and worse. I just wish Sandler took some time and just got into a Robin Williams groove and just accept drama’s for his next few films.

Despicable Me 2 – 7.5/10

I actually think the first movie is just really boring. But I dug the second film a little bit more, the plot is really paper thin in terms of importance to the film, but Steve Carell and Kristen Wig do a great job with their characters and the minions actually serve a reasonable role in this film. Better jokes and moves quickly.

The Heat – 5/10

I’m one of the rare people that didn’t like Bridesmaids or didn’t find it to be crazy hilarious, so I wasn’t going into this with high expectations at all. And that was pretty well suited since the movie wasn’t that funny. There are good jokes, some really hilarious gags…but they feel so far separated from each other, mixed in with Melissa McCarthy just using her wicked Boston accent and Bullocks typical straight lace character. I’d like the film more if they switch characters, maybe seeing Bullock play the messy, foul mouth detective instead.

White House Down – 6/10

The movie is a easy leave your brain at the door film. White House is taken over and Jamie Foxx’s president and Channing Tatum’s John McClane have to defend it. Its a film so easy to make for Roland Emmerich by now he could of done it with his eyes closed. Its a bit longer than it has to be, but still if you just want to see a modern day Die Hard in the White House film, it’s probably better than the last actual Die Hard in Russia film.

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain – 8/10

I find it really hard to properly do a Stand Up comedy film, there are only a few that I think are amazing, Delirious and Raw by Eddie Murphy and ‘The Original Kings of Comedy’ which managed to put focus both on the comedy itself and its stand up. Kevin Hart is easily becoming one of the best stand up in the country and has a string of successful stand up specials to back up that claim. Let Me Explain is just the financially and critically success that could push him to the next level.

Red 2 – 4/10

I really didn’t like the first movie, the trailer for the sequel I thought did a good job of displaying a sequel that I would enjoy…and that was so not the result. This movie was just a jumble of scenes and no real plot, and a lot of explosion. Hellen Mirren and John Malkovich are as good as it gets, same goes with the first film too.

….My last Lightning Round session of these reviews averaged to a above average rating for all the films, sadly not so much this time around. Like I said before, when we get to the end of the summer, you really see some big named, small scripted ideas coming out the tunnel. How the hell did Grown Ups not only get a sequel, but made MORE money than Pacific Rim at the domestic box office?

In a day’s time or so, I will post my big time Comic-Con extravaganza post, last years (Right Here) saw the introduction of Guardians of the Galaxy, official titles to Captain America 2 and Thor 2, and a clear road for the Second Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This years has gone above that to not only help SHOW us what that second phase will look like visually, but give us the most crystal clear idea of how it will finish with Avengers 2: …

Oh, you have to wait for my next post to see what the subtitle will be (…or just Google it, whatever is your choice. )


Lighting Speed Stub Reviews!~

Like I did a few weeks ago, I am doing another “Light Speed Stub Review” where I take a few movies that I have seen over the past few weeks and write a little bit, instead of a lot of bit like I previous done with Man of Steel and Monsters University.

Sometimes I have a lot to say about a film and sometimes I just go on a rampage of films, trying to take in so many new films to both enjoy and help deliver an escape over reality.

I really do dig this new concept and think about adapting it to different column called “A Week in Review”, where I just go through all the new films I have watched, but not ones that have been recently released, but just new films that I have watched for the first time.

World War Z – 8/10

I have to say that the publicity department fucked up royally on this film. The posters, trailers, and everything about this movie makes it look like a pile of dog shit, while in reality, the film isn’t that bad. Its a zombie movie that actually says the word zombie for once, its more of a psychological style film than straight up in your face gore fest, which is a nice change of pace. I’ve never read the book, so I don’t know how off course it is, but putting that aside, the film is enjoyable and suspenseful. The ending feels like they are setting up a sequel, which would be stupid.

Much Ado About Nothing – 9/10

If there is any writer that could take Shakespeare work and almost make it feel like its his own, its Joss Whedon. This modern update of the classic works so well it is crazy. Its funny and dramatic. Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof’s roles of Beatrice and Benedick respectively is worth the price of admission alone. They do such a wonderful job reciting classic Shakespeare talk and make it feel probably as human as possible. Much Ado is easily one of the best films I’ve seen this year thus far.

The Bling Ring – 7/10

The movie is so simple that it feels like sometimes you are watching a long drawn out reality show. The movie goes in simple stages, bunch of greedy, materialistic teens want to rob a celebs house, go and do it, and then enjoy their riches. that basically goes on for an hour or so, until the inevitable happens.

This Is The End – 9/10

This movie is fuckin’ hilarious. Just really funny, all the guys don’t take themselves serious at all and playing up their cartoony selves. McBride is the fuckin’ man in the film and the cameos they get are well worth not spoilering. Laughing from start to finish. It is hard to really truly review the film without giving away the spit take like gags.

The Purge – 6/10

A really interesting story idea that just doesn’t have the writing to back it up. Its a fast film, barely an hour and half, and doesn’t really explore all the psychological details it could of off its premise.

The Internship – 5/10

If this movie came out in 2005/6 it probably would be one of the highest grossing comedies of the year, but for today, its really just a standard comedy film that for the first half is really low on the laughs. It picks towards the end, with some funny situations, but never comes near the greatness of what Vaughn/Wilson had in Wedding Crashers.

Stub Review: Monster’s University

photo 1

Monsters University

The Monsters are back…but are they as good as before?

So, how did you enjoy the movie? That question goes out to every and all that read this little review. So many people enjoyed and loved the first Monsters Inc film. I feel like even though it’s silly to say, but it is one of those under looked gems of Pixar. So many talk about the Toy Story trilogy, Incredible’s, Wall-E, Up, Cars and now Brave…but so many forget how much fun and feelings came along with the little adventure, buddy/monster film from 2001.

Did it live up to the twelve year wait? Because I know when it comes to Pixar, everyone is in agreement that the Toy Story films are among the best of any movie and it’s sequels…but when it comes to the likes of Cars 2? It was literally the rock bottom of Pixar’s franchise. The movie might of made millions in merchandise, but the film it self just felt like a lifeless tale to sell toys to kids. Monsters U. though doesn’t fall in that black hole though, the script gives us the characters we love in Mike and Sully at their younger lives and a story that is not based on developing these two characters from enemies to future life long friends.

Did it make you laugh non-stop? There is something kinda strange and fun about seeing a “kids” film amongst children. It makes you realize that Pixar doesn’t make kid films, they make movies for all families of all ages. There are times when kids just laugh at certain jokes, times when the adults are the only ones laughing, and then there are just moments where its full on laughter of both sides.

Did you miss Boo? I know one of the things about the first movie that I loved was Boo. The small child that comes into the monster world and follows around Sully and Mike until they can figure out how to get rid of her…until they inevitably start to adore her. She was one the keys to that film and with this movie taking place before that, we obviously lose the Boo character and I was wondering if one of the big reasons that the first movie worked, would be what would be missing from the prequel? Worry not, because it doesn’t. University takes place almost entirely in the monster world with just the interactions of the monsters, setting up the future rivalries and friendships. While I’d love something to give us a nod to Boo or that future, its understandable that this film was about the story of Sully and Mike, not Sully, Mike and Boo.

Was the experience as enjoyable as the first time you saw Monster’s Inc.? I remember seeing Monsters Inc for the first time back in 2001, it was a really fun experience to say the least. Sometimes though I feel in today’s age, the movie going experience is more hectic, with gouging prices for tickets, soda, candy, and pop corn, that if you want to go out and enjoy a family film like this, it will ravage your wallet. But hopefully the families will come out in droves to enjoy this yet another Pixar classic in the making.

I give Monster’s University a NINE out of TEN, on the scale of film merit and overall quality.

But I also give it a “Mike Wazowski, yeah yeah, step aside kid.”out of TEN, on the scale old memories.

Stub Review: Man of Steel

photo 4Man of Steel

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! …. IT’S NOT A TERRIBLE SUPERMAN MOVIE!!!

Where to start…how about this… in big bold red and blue letters … SPOILERS!

Don’ go crying to Ma Kent when I drop some big time spoiler stuff in this review, you’ve been warned. So where do I start? How about the easiest part of any film, the cast. Zach Snyder might in my opinion have an iffy style when it comes to films, but he has had really great cast’s working behind him for the most part. Henry Cavill was basically an unknown which goes right in style of previous film Super…men? Both Chris Reeve and Brandon Routh were unknowns before dawning the red underoos; something that Mr. Cavill didn’t have to do this time around.

MOS1His father figures are played by two renowned actors in Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner, both men play their roles superb. Crowe gives life to Jor-El that pretty much puts Brando’s portrayal to shame I believe. Crowe plays this not as a comic book film, but a serious Ridley Scott sci-fi drama. Costner has the hard task of playing the always inspiring, but never fully living to see his son’s true potential, Jonathan Kent. I felt that Crowe did a better job out the two, but Costner had some important scenes with varying aged Clarks to help the audience figure out why Clark is where he is now in his present day life, its all thanks to his father.

Martha Kent played by Diane Lane is vastly under used. She has two important scenes and she basically is thrown around and gets to show she is a badass older lady. Michael Shannon who plays General Zod just chews the scenery like a man possessed. His portrayal kind of reminded me of Jack Nicholson’s as the Joker in the 1989 Batman film, not because of his humor, but both Shannon and Nicholson both knew what type of film they were in and was having a blast portraying their roles. Zod comes off great.

MOS2Amy Adams and Henry Cavill play Lois Lane and Kal-El/Superman/Clark Kent. Adams I was on bored with since day one, because I think she has the spunk and attitude of Lois and her acting choices of late have been phenomenal. Cavill is a jacked up beast of a man with his shirt off. He doesn’t step out of the giant shadow of Reeve’s Superman, but he nicely stands one step below in my mind.

All of that on the cast…damn this is going to be long. I better have enough pictures to angle this review out.

Lets go with what I enjoyed and liked about the film.

Numero uno…Superman FUCKIN’ KICKED SOME ASS. I’m not saying the film, but the person. We have had to deal with lame, tame, and green rock weakened Supermen for god knows how long. The one complaint of any Superman film is that we want to see him use his powers offensively and PUNCH PEOPLE. Well the Kryptonian army that Zod brings along helps solve both those things. Snyder knows how to do some big time CGI action and Man of Steel delivers in that, in spades.

I liked the characters. I didn’t feel anyone was wrongly cast, I didn’t think there was bad chemistry, I found the entire cast to be pretty spot on and would be very open to seeing them return in a sequel.

No Lex Luthor. Man of Steel, Superman III, and Superman vs. The Mole Men are the ONLY live action films of the Man of Tomorrow to not have his bald headed arch enemy to appear and I thank the lord. Lex brings something important to the Superman mythos, but we’ve seen it done over and over again. Superman has a wide range of villains he could battle, not always does it have to be the mad man of Metropolis.

MOS4The handling of Superman’s identity. This film does something new, they don’t give a shit. I like it, it’s refreshing. They play this movie out as some alien guy has comes to earth, he is God like amongst us mortals, he saves us, we love him and that’s it. Some ask about his real name, but its not a big deal of the film and when he finally “transforms” into Clark Kent at the end, its played not so much as a super secret identity, but just as a different side of Superman. This film isn’t about Clark Kent and Superman…this film is about Kal-El journey of finding him and eventually becoming Clark Kent at the end of the film. I like that deviation from the norm.

Now lets move on to my complains (here is where that big bold SPOILER caution comes in handy)

The ending. I’ll get it out in the open, the ending of the film is Superman and Zod in a one on one showdown that finished up in a train station, Zod claims he will have to be killed, because he will never stop his rampage. Fair enough. Makes for a good conflict. As Zod attempts to fire blast a helpless family, Superman has him in a head lock and decideds he has no choice but to snap his neck and kill Zod.

…so am I saying that I don’t like it because Superman shouldn’t kill? Not exactly, Zod gave him no ultimatum. He wasn’t going to jail, the Phantom Zone is long gone by now, there was no other option, fair. But Superman acts like this is such a hard decision, even though for the past half hour…HALF HOUR, Superman vs. Zod and his army have literally murdered at least somewhere over 10,000 innocent people in Kansas. Their fight destroyed building, blew up tankers, sent planes crashing down. Lives were lost and it was like it was no big deal. Superman never once tried to catch debris from falling, or stop any of the buildings from towering over, HALF of the reason the city is destroyed is cause Superman beat the shit out of Zod’s army by throwing them INTO the buildings.

Man of SteelAlso the film is too long. At nearly 2 hours and 45 minutes, this epic film goes on and on…and on…and on. If I look at my watch once, its once to many in my opinion. By the time we get to the action pack finale, I just want the film to end. There are dozens of parts, some flashbacks, that could easily of been cut for time.

Man of Steel is not a perfect comic book film and is not a transcending film of its genre like The Dark Knight or The Avengers were, but it falls in that middle ground of being a very GOOD first film that can easily learn from its mistakes and come out with an even GREATER sequel. Zach Snyder shouldn’t worry about setting up the DC universe for Justice League with his follow up to MoS, but just worry on making the best sequel to this film, because I think he found something that works in a modern day telling of the Superman mythos and is going to hit a cord with old and new Superman fans with this film.

I give it an SEVEN out of a TEN, on the scale of film merit and overall quality.

But I also give it a SUPERMAN PUNCH out of TEN, on the scale of how much complete chaos and destruction the Last Son of Kyrpton caused. He fucked shit up. For reals.

Why Do You Watch Movies?

Is it because you liked a certain book, so you have an urge to go out and see the film adaptation? Is it because some actor or actress just catches your attention so you try to support them by seeing their latest flicks? Is it because you can use film as an escape from the real world?

I don’t know why anyone goes to the movies or why they enjoy them, but for me it’s the ‘escape’ option. I can read a book or a comic book and be very into it, but also know there is a world going on around me. I tend to read in open places like a beach or a pool, so there is always activities happening, reasons to put that book down, do something, and then pick it back up and continue on.

When I play videogames, time flies by, but I’m never really feel like I AM in that level of Mortal Kombat fighting Sub-Zero. I never feel like I AM driving along side Luigi and Donkey Kong in Mario Kart. I play because its fun, it feels exciting. But I am very conscious that I am sitting on my bed, floor, couch, or chair for hours upon end with a controller in my hand.

But when I go to a movie theater, be it opening day with a packed crowd or an early showing weeks in with maybe a hand full of people in attendance, when those lights go down, I’m not in a theater anymore.

I can feel entrapped by these characters, I can feel like I’m in a world far-far away, and I can forgot about the world around me for the next two hours easily.

Over the past two weekends I’ve needed that escape. So instead of a bunch of Stub-Reviews as I typically do, I’m going to do a simple “Review Express” on the SEVEN movies I’ve seen in the last few weekends.

  • Fast & Furious 6: More fastness, more furiousness, and more, more, more action. The team behind Fast Five come back bigger and better with the follow up that in reality SHOULDN’T work, but does. The dialogue is not the best, but you come for the Justin Lin directed action and car races. The finale is good, but the mid-credit scene that sets up Fast & Furious 7 is probably on the level of being the most epic thing to happen on a movie screen for the entire year.
  • Mud: Matthew McConaughey does an absolutely fantastic job and Oscar worthy acting performance in this film. He is almost out shined by the two kids, but this is entirely McConaughey’s film. A very deep rooted story and interesting characters from top to bottom that you grow and care about, even some of the smaller roles that are in and out of the film. One of the best films of 2013 so far for me.
  • The Hangover Part III: There was no reason for this film to be made. All the leads look like they are sleep walking their way through another script that doesn’t pack the laughs or shocks like the original. We get a few throwback to things that worked very well in the first movie, but just seem tired this time around. Who would ever thought that Mike Tyson would be the smart one to turn down a movie?
  • Star Trek into Darkness: Another blockbuster sequel that doesn’t disappoint, thankfully. While I don’t think it is better than the first film, I think JJ Abrams puts together another fun trip to space with everyone’s (???) favorite crew. Karl Urban really shines as Bones in this film, while they give you all the great shout outs from Wrath of Kahn, but with a JJ Abrams lens-flared twist.
  • After Earth: It’s not as bad as Battlefield Earth, maybe if Will had some dreads like Travolta rocked in that film, but its no where as good as … any good sci-fi movie. Will Smith just further proves he doesn’t age as he looks like he stepped off the Fresh Prince set for this film, and his son Jayden just proves he can’t hang with his dad even in the most M. Night Shamalamaianiest film.
  • Now You See Me: A fun and breezy film that really is more into keeping the audience guessing and on their toes than telling a solid story, but the fun fast cut editing and over acting helps the time go by quick until you get to an ending that literally makes no sense what so ever after all the different twists and turns the film puts you through.
  • Epic: SOOOOoooooOOOooooOOOoooooOOOOoooooo boring.

So yeah, a real mix bag in those films, some really good movies, some ok, one meh, and one that was extremely boring. With all that said, all those films still did the job of trying to help me escape my everyday life for a few hours and forget my problems or stress or … loneliness, and just concentrate on something new, or something familiar, but still fun.

So if your reading this please share reasons why you enjoy heading out to the theater? What does sitting back and taking in a film mean to you?

Stub Review: Iron Man 3

IronMan3Iron Man 3

Iron Man is back and he brought with him…a serious case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!~

Marvel’s Phase 2 is officially been kicked off and so has the 2013 Summer Box Office. Iron Man 3 is the first Marvel Studios film to come out since last years mega-ultra-super-duper blockbuster The Avengers broke almost every record standing in it’s way to become Marvel’s first ever billion dollar film.

IM2The word of mouth about the box office Iron Man 3 will bring in is already high up there, the film alone has brought in 300 million dollars over seas before even OPENING in the US. Usually I go see these films at their midnight showing, but I don’t know if this was just one rare occurrence or the new standard, but AMC theater was offering not only midnight viewings, but 9pm, 10pm, and 11pm shows for Iron Man 3 in both normal and 3D viewings. I can get behind that.

Ok…to spoil or not to spoil? I’ll put it this way, if you read this review, I wont spoil the BIG stuff in this film that will be talked about for time to come…but I will not fully not speak about some of the big moments of the film. So we begin…

…to party like its 1999. We kick the film off in a throw back to a moment talked about in the first Iron Man film, where we get a cameo of Shaun Toub who played Ho Yinsen. We are also introduced to Dr. Maya Hansen and Aldrich Killian, two people that will soon become the thorn of Tony’s existence for the next two hours.

The basis of Iron Man 3 comes off the excellent comic book arch “Extremis” written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Adi Granov. The name Adi Granov should sound familiar because its his design that help create the look of Iron Man’s armor over the last three films.

The film shows Tony post-Avengers and more importantly in a PTSD situation where even more like the inspiration of his character, Howard Hughes, he is always in his basement tinkering away at his suits. And we aren’t up to Mark VI or VII anymore…Tony has up to 42 different pieces of armor to play with, his own personal Iron Legion. These suits are keeping him away from his life, away from Pepper, and away from sleeping, as every time Tony puts his head down to a pillow, the images of invading Aliens, chaos, and destruction take over his mind and memories.

I absolutely love the first Iron Man film and feel a bit indifferent for the second film, where I think the focus is unclear and plays more of a film going towards Avengers, than just a stand alone Iron Man film. Iron Man 3 falls somewhere in the middle for me, it plays off of so many great things and characters, Guy Pearce’s role as Killian is the best villain we have had in this franchise since Jeff Bridges role as Obadiah Stane aka the Iron Monger. Pearce plays the role of Killian with such bravado and scene chewing evilness, he comes off as an equal to RDJ’s Tony Stark.

IM3Now the question is why no mention of The Mandarin so far? And well that is a tricky nut to crack in a review that doesn’t want to reveal too much. “The Mandarin” has a fantastic look and his presence in the film for the most part is terrifying for every character that see’s his face pop on their television. The fear of “The Mandarin” is very real amongst the people and especially Tony. The idea of “The Mandarin” is that nobody is safe and nobody can trust in Iron Man or in heroes to truly save them from the evil and destruction he can unleash. How that plays out? And how that all comes to a resolution…you should see for yourself and make up your OWN mind about after seeing the film.

Iron Man 3 is easily a stand a lone film that Iron Man 2 wasn’t and that has a lot to do with Shane Black taking the helms of director and writer from fan favorite Jon Faveru, who still plays Happy Hogan in this film and plays Happy with a lot more vigor and fun, I guess having the pressure of the world off your shoulders helps you revel in the fact that you get to play a comic book character. Both Happy and Pepper have much more to do in this film than they ever had in the previous two, especially Pepper who’s role of now CEO of Stark Industries is more important than just being “Tony Stark’s girlfriend.” Both Gwyneth and her character Pepper Potts get something more to do in Iron Man 3 and take a step up in a much bigger way toward the final act.

Iron ManIron Man 3 both delivers and continues the tradition of Marvel putting out their best effort in a post-Avengers world, both figuratively with the marketing of the films and literally with the characters that live in this universe we now come to expect and are anxious to see every summer.

I feel that the big twist of the film is going to polarize the people that see the film and maybe will be the only thing they take away from it, but it shouldn’t be. This is Tony Starks film…and at the end of the film, just like at the end of the first film, Tony helps to clearly inform the audience and himself…”That I am Iron Man.”

I give it an EIGHT out of a TEN, on the scale of film merit and overall quality.

But I also give it a “DON’T BE A PUSSY” out of TEN, on the scale of the great dialogue spoken by RDJ and all the actors in this film. Lot of laughs, lot of great serious, and important moments.

BUT WAIT…It isn’t a Marvel movie….or a Marvel movie review without a post credit scene…




Bruce Banner Iron Man 3

That pretty image is of a great post-credit scene where we get for the first time in movie history…an actor reprising their role as Bruce Banner. A small cameo from Mark Ruffalo as the not-so jolly green giant, but just Tony’s science buddy.

Stub Review: 42


In 1947 he broke the racial barrier in baseball…and in 2012 his film bio broke records at the box office.

The sports film is one of the most interesting film genres there is. Everyone knows about a sport, be it something more American like baseball or football (NFL) or something more worldly like soccer, hockey, or baseball. But to MAKE a great sports film is hard, because you are trying to not only bring in the core fans of that sport, but also the common moviegoer that might of never watched a game of that actual sport in their real lives, but try to make them spend 10 dollars on a fictional/factual film based solely around the sport.

There are great sport films for every sport:

  • Baseball: Major League, The Sandlot, The Natural, Pride of the Yankees, and Field of Dreams.
  • Basketball: He Got Game, Hoosiers, White Men Can’t Jump, and Space Jam.
  • Football: Brian’s Song, Friday Night Lights, The Longest Yard, and Little Giants.
  • Boxing: The Rocky Series (minus Rocky V), Million Dollar Baby, Raging Bull, The Hurricane, and Ali.

Obviously some of those films are more personal pleasures than worldly accepted acclaimed films, but the story still goes, its easier to make a bad sports film than it is to make a good one. One thing that helps is not only a character, but a story that truly matters. Jackie Robinson provides both. He not only is a character of history, but provided one of the most important stories for not only sports, but the history of racism in America.

42_1The film gives us a look at Jackie Robinson’s rookie year. This is rated PG-13, so I automatically thought this film was going to take the ‘Remember The Titans’ approach to racism in non-rated R films, by saying “negro”, “darkie”, or “black” instead of what is the most obvious term used and thrown at Jackie back in the 40’s, nigger. Its hard to say or hard to read, but thankfully the MPAA didn’t make a mistake by censoring this film from using that word throughout the film, because you can’t pretend that Jackie Robinson didn’t hear it every time he stepped to plate or on the field at not only his own home park, but visiting baseball parks around the country.

This film isn’t trying to go too in depth about the state of racism in America at the time, it is simply just showing how Jackie had to survive with his wife and young son while trying to make his way on the diamonds of a ballpark. The film also gives you a very storybook happy ending, one review I read of the film stated that it gives off the idea with one home run, Jackie Robinson ended racism in America, obviously not the case, but for the films sake, it’s a storybook ending to a remarkable rookie season and what would go on to be a Hall of Fame career.

42_2For this film to work you need to be rooting for Jackie from the start and when we first meet him, we easily want to see him succeed to not only his limits but to those that were not allowed for him. I also want to state how enjoyable the entire cast was, not only did Chadwick Boseman make a phenomenal Robinson, Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey, Nicole Behaire as Jackie’s wife, Rachel, and Alan Tudyk as Ben Chapman all do wonderful work in this film portraying all different but important roles to help guide Jackie Robinson to become the man he would be come.

Every year in April, everyone in the MLB wears that number 42 on their back and while this might not be an all encompassing film of his life, 42 gives a great and entertaining look at his first year in the bigs.

I give it an EIGHT out of a TEN, on the scale of film merit and overall quality.

But I also give it a TIP OF THE CAP out of TEN, on the scale of how important Robinson’s role in baseball truly was.