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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D — “Pilot”


Welcome to Level 7.

Usually I save my big reviews for films…not TV shows. But last night was a very big occasion not only for Television, but for all fanboys around the world. For the first time in history…we had a comic book based live action televisions show (I could just stop right there and be impressed) … debut on a major network that is…yes…IS canonically connected a film franchise.

Littered throughout the pilot episode of SHIELD was references to all the major players in the Marvel films. Tony Stark was named dropped, Thor was talked about, Hulk was brought up, Captain America and his super solider serum, Black Widow was used as the measuring stick towards all other combative agents…and even more impressively, one of the key elements and plot points of this summer’s Iron Man 3, played a role in the very first episode of SHIELD.

SHIELD2Besides an opening cameo appearance by Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill, the true core of the team we are introduced to is headed by fan favorite and death beater, Agent Phil Coulson played greatly by Clark Gregg. We are given what seems like a lame excuse for Coulson’s resurrection at the start of the film, but a quick line turns that on its head in a split second. We are now under the first tease and storyline to be followed up about…what REALLY happened to Phil Coulson to bring him back to life?

The rest of the team consist of a pilot with fighting skills in Agent Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen), a scientific pairing of  Agents Leo Fitz and Jenna Simmons (Iain De Casestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge), glorified hands on combat Agent Grand Ward (Brett Dalton) and a civilian that is newly recruited to join the team for her expert hacking abilities, Skye (Chloe Bennet).

So how well does Joss Whedon and co. do in adapting a live action series without the budget of a Hollywood blockbuster? … actually very well. There are some big action moments in the first episode and separating them as usual with any Whedon TV project is a lot of character development. You will never say that a Whedon project is left with one dimensional characters, from the get go, we learn not only everything we need to know for the core group of Agents, but also a little backstory and idea of where they can develop into the future.

Most importantly…Extremis. The key plot point of Iron Man 3, is also the key plot point of this pilot episode. We are introduced to what we think is a new “hero” early on, but only to find out this Michael Peterson is nothing but a down on his luck average Joe that put his body on the line for experimentation with a mysterious group. We are given the term “Centipede Project” which is enough mystery to make us wonder who else has been part of this project. But what is really deep inside of Michael Peterson that makes him super strong and heroic…is a vile dose of Extremis.

CLARK GREGG, BRETT DALTON, CHLOE BENNETWithout the likes of Iron Man, Hulk, and the rest of the Avengers, how well do our new group of SHIELD agents do in taking down their first perp as a team…pretty well. It isn’t just as simple as a man that turns bad and has to be killed…its so much more. Its about an average person who has had nothing but bad luck on his side and thinking with help and a good spirit he can be a hero like the ones he has seen on TV. Its that idea that makes me love this show from the start, because everyone wants to be that hero at some point in their life. Agent Culson doesn’t have a suit of armor, a serum running through is veins, and isn’t a god of mythical perorations. Agent Culson is just a man. A man with a goal, a man with a sense of humor, and more important a man with a heart and that is why he is who he is and why his “death” was important enough to make a group of heroes come together and fight…for a normal man.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

I give Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D a NINE out of TEN, on  the merit of great writing and exciting action.


Ben Affleck as…Batman? Yeah, I like it!


Affleck is going to be the bomb as Batman, yo!

…let that sync in for just a moment. The man that spent the better part of the 2000’s getting ridiculed and almost run out of Hollywood. The man that was critically hated by as Daredevil. The man that was a running tabloid joke…is our next Cape Crusader..

…BUT WAIT…it is NOT that Ben Affleck.

It’s the Ben Affleck that has proved over the past 6 years of how talent of a director he is. It’s the Ben Affleck that has gained back the critics. Gained back his long time fans. The Ben Affleck that has shown that not only is he as good in front of that camera as he is behind…but also has a nice golden Oscar statue to back up his case. That’s the Ben Affleck who has been cast as Batman…so why is everyone pretending we took a time jump to 2003 and hating this decision?

Is it because it’s a weird choice…well…yeah it is. But Batman has never been a role deemed for an unknown, that is Superman. Batman has a long line of actors very well known during their time under the cowl (Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney, and Bale).

Every since it was announced that they would be looking for a more older and war torn Batman to go with, a lot of people quickly pointed toward John Hamm as the obvious choice. Someone who has been rumored for the role in the past and even rumored for Superman too. Would of that been any more odd of a choice…not really, because Affleck isn’t just an actor taking a role right now, he is riding the wave of enormous postive buzz since the Oscars and since Argo, that picking the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman has to be a collected and calculated choice for Affleck.

He had to deal with the backlash and jokes coming from what I think is the underrated Daredevil film a decade ago, why put himself through all that if he A) didn’t like the scrip, B) didn’t want the role, and C) didn’t think he could do something with this role that maybe hasn’t been done in the past Batman films.

Lets not forget though…this isn’t a Batman movie, this is the sequel to Man of Steel, this has been rumored at least to be titled Superman vs. Batman, so The Dark Knight will be sharing screen time with the so-called “lead” in Superman, but we all know why we will be buying a ticket, to watch Batman beat people up. Its why we always want to watch Batman, be it film, television or videogames…cause Batman punching villains in their turkey necks is always a grand ol’ time.

The one type of Batman we haven’t really seen done is … “detective” Batman. Which is weird, because “The Worlds Greatest Detective” is one of the most famous monikers associated with the Caped Crusader, yet hasn’t been displayed on film …at all. The extent to Bale’s Batman’s detectiveness was screaming “WHERE’S THE ____” you can fill the blank with whatever you need, its basically his catchphrase in the Nolan trilogy.

So far the reaction to the news has been overwhelmingly negative…but honestly, that comes with the territory unless you pick someone that fanboys deem worthy, like Nathan Fillion…or….Nathan Fillion for the role. It just takes me back to not that long ago when the likes of Robert Downy Jr. and Heath Ledger were announced for their comic book iconic roles as Tony Stark and The Joker respectively…and the outcome from the fanboys were vastly negative too. Talk about how someone like Ledger who came from teen RomComs and fluff picture couldn’t handle the sadistic nature of The Joker…look how that turned out. Or when people talked about how RDJ was too old and not charismatic enough to pull of Tony Stark…a role that he has now gone on to define and make into an A-list character.

The lesson is…until the movie comes out, we as a people have no fuckin idea how Affleck will fair in the role of Batman. Some have taken it and done great things, some have crumbled under the weight of the role and bad writing. Everyone wants to talk about how Affleck is not right for it…but we kinda forget that the likes of David Goyer and Zach Snyder are writing/directing it…where is the backlash that those two get to have a role in bringing Batman back to the big screen?

The casting of Affleck, takes me from a point where I was indifferent to the entire idea of Superman vs. Batman movie…and now makes me a little bit more interested to see it in a few years. I feel bad for Cavill tough, he is just buried now under the talk of Affleck and who the next Lex Luthor will be and to think this is all a sequel to HIS Superman film.

Iron Man 3 Teaser Trailer

Today is the beginning of a new look, not just for the Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but of Iron Man himself.

In his last solo outing, Iron Man faced off against Whiplash (Mickey Rouke), Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell), and had the added assistance of War Machine (now played by Don Cheadle).  Iron Man 2 was a film that more or less a pretty disappointing follow up to the ground breaking and awesome first Iron Man film.

Since the second film though there has been not only big changes in the characters life (…uhhh THE AVENGERS HAPPENED!!!) but also behind the camera as Jon Favreau has stepped down as director and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang writer/director Shane Black has stepped up. From this trailer alone you can see a new visual style take over Tony Stark’s life, its a little bit more drearier.

This is the official start of Phase 2. Iron Man 3 will see Iron Man finally face off against the Joker to his Batman; the Green Goblin to his Spidey; the Lex Luthor to his Superman. Iron Man is finally going to meet…

….The Mandarin!

Traditionally an East Asian character, The Mandarin this time around is going to be played by the Indian born Ben Kingsley. And just after being fresh off the presses no longer than a few hours, the trailer is already starting up rumors and speculation of its own, especially…one key frame that shows that The Mandarin has a tattoo of Captain America’s shield on the back of his neck.

Whatever the use of the symbol can not be good especially when it comes to The Mandarin. Iron Man 3 hits theaters May of next year and after this one lil ol’ teaser trailer, I know me and millions of other fan boys can’t wait.

Top Ten…Comic Book Characters that NEED a big screen adaptation!!

Top Ten…Comic Book Characters that NEED a big screen adaptation!!

This year alone, we have seen the likes of The Lizard, The Avengers, and Talia al Ghul make their live action first apperance on film. There are thousands upon millions of characters gracing the pages of comic book from Action Comics #1 till today. But there is rare air for those that DESERVE to be seen in live action on the big screen…at least once. This is my personal opinion on the top ten that NEED to be adapted to the big screen one day soon. I don’t count television live action appearances either…because come on.

I’m also leaving out certain characters that have already been announced to be adapted soon or look to be in the works of adaptation to film.

10) The Black Cat

This is more personal than necessity. The Black Cat in my opinion is one of the better supporting characters in Spider-Man’s books. Throughout his fictional life, Peter Parker has had always a strong list of woman by his side, Aunt May, Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy and… Felicia Hardy aka The Black Cat. She was Catwoman before Catwoman knew how to be Catwoman that we all know today. Black Cat was the first of the two to wear black revealing leather, be a cat burglar, and have the hate/love romance with their more famous superhero. So why does she need a big screen adaptations…well I’ll give you TWO reasons….1) change of pace and 2) love/hate. Because when it comes to Black Cat she is in love with Spider-Man, but not Peter Parker and as much as she tries, its very hard for Cat to turn her back on her criminal ways, something that would lead to a very interesting live action dynamic between her and Spider-Man.

Who would I see playing her? Elisha Cuthbert.

09) Iron Fist

Better known as half of ‘Heroes for Hire’ along with Luke Cage aka Power Man, Iron Fist is both one of the most unique and powerful characters in all of the Marvel Universe. You could almost call him the Bruce Lee of Marvel, although Fist known as Danny Rand is a white boy, he packs a powerful punch known as literally the Iron Fist, powers given to him by the K’un L’un. What I think Fist brings to a live action film is something new a martial art superhero. We haven’t really seen that yet. We know Batman can fight, we have seen Captain America brawl, but we never seen a man with the deadly hands of kung fu kick some ass. Bring along Luke Cage for the ride, but we definitely should be treated by the martial arts master himself one day.

Who could I see playing him? Ray Park.

08) Mr. Sinister

In the X-Men film universe we have seen the likes of Magneto, Sentinels (briefly), William Stryker, Dark Phoenix, Mystique, Toad, Sabertooth, Blob, Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw and even Azazel. Besides the ultimate mutant known as Apocalypse…the next viable villain that should be seen fighting the team of mutants (be it current day for the First Class crew) should be Nathaniel Essex himself; Mr. Sinister. Known primarily for his dedicated rivalry against Cyclops, Sinister has have the mutant ability of longevity, telepathy, molecular manipulation, healing factor and a genius level IQ. He gives you the best of all the other X-Men villains in one, plus a damn awesome look. How can you hate a man that wears a cape so well? Sinister might not be as well known as Magneto, but is just as dangerous to the children of the Atom. With a red diamond forehead piece to boast, Sinister needs to be seen in the living flesh one day soon.

Who could I see playing him? Bryan Cranston.


07) Darkseid

The world was introduced (all but briefly) to Thanos during the end of The Avengers. But before there was Thanos, there wass Darkseid. He is the definite Justice League bad guy, the man that makes it seem reasonable that you need to see Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman all team up to fight him. He is an alien. He is powerful and he is a goddamn badass. Smallville tried their best with their moderate budget to do Darkseid, but…he is not a character meant for live action television. He is meant for the big screen. He is meant for widescreen depth. He is meant to be seen in Imax smashing Superman through a building, or towering over the team of the JL with those ominous red eyes.

Who would I see playing him? Michael Ironside w/ some heavy-duty makeup.

06) Harley Quinn

Iconic comic book characters come from … well comic books, right? But not Harley Quinn. The Jokers sidekick/lover/whore/victim whatever you want to call her was first shows and became famous from the cartoon show “Batman: The Animated Series.” Harley Quinn should have been a forgettable character, why does The Joker need a sidekick? But she works. Her character, her backstory, her look, her voice…it just was a great mix of a character you can believe would support The Joker, but also Harley works well on her own. She became famously paired with Poison Ivy as a fem-fetal duo of their own. It feels that film has been the only medium where we haven’t seen Harley shine in yet, but most likely that wont be for long.

Who would I see playing her? Kristen Bell.

05) Mysterio

Another Spider-Man villain that I feel especially in today’s heavy 3D age should be given a chance on the big screen…because who would not feel more at home in the movies than Quentin Beck himself. His backstory tells us that Beck was a former movie special effects man, before a horrible accident left him damaged and scared, leaving him to dawn a fishbowl for a helmet and theatrical tricks for his weapons. He might have one of the most …unique attires in all of villainy, but just imagine having Mysterio unleash his barrage of tricks, illusions, and magic in a 3D film, where it feels like it is happening to you as much as it’s happening to Spidey as well!

Who could I see playing him? Bruce Campbell.

04) Brainiac

In the Superman movies, we have either seen Superman face only two WORTHY challengers: Lex Luthor and General Zod. That’s it. Five features films, two worthy baddies, how does that math work out? Not to mention besides from Zod, Luthor has never been a worthy fist-a-cuffs style foe for The Man of Tomorrow, so that is where Brainiac comes along. He is alien. He is smart. He is powerful. He can push Superman physically and intellectually. And there is a long list of Brianiac storylines from the comics, that you can draw from. We have been waiting years to see Superman throw a fist and fuck some shit up and maybe he will do that against Zod in Snyder’s Man of Steel next summer, but Zod and Luther have been done to death. Bring us some Brianiac!

Who could I see playing him? Daniel Day-Lewis.

03) The Black Panther

Of all the characters that Marvel Studios currently have control over, a lot of them have found their way to the big screen. But there is one very important character and property that still hasn’t and that is the King of Wakanda himself, The Black Panther. Panther wasn’t the first black superhero, but he is one of the most important ones. He is the ruler and king of his own country, the most forward thinking, advance technology country in the Marvel universe. In the comics he is married to Strom from the X-Men, obviously that isn’t a possibility for film, but the African country side, his acrobatic skill and diversity does suggest that The Black Panther should find his way to the movie theater one day VERY soon, especially with MCU Phase 2 in currently progress. Do we really have to wait till phase 3 for Panther? I hope not.

Who could I see playing him? Djimon Honsou.

02) The Flash

The fastest man alive. Even faster than Superman, the Scarlett Speedster has NEVER seen the green light of a feature film, even though his characters history is as rich as Batman and Superman. Maybe it is because of his rogues gallery? Maybe it’s the fright of having a superhero who’s power is super speed? Maybe it’s the costume? Who knows, but this has to stop immediately. The Flash not just one of the most famous characters in all of comics, its also one of the funniest, especially if you are talking about the Wally West version, which is my particular favorite. With the write writer behind the project, we could get a film that packs as much action and enough humor to bring in the audience, but until WB bites that bullet, Flash will just forever be seen in the pages of comics and in animation on Television, never getting the chance to show off how fast he truly is in live action.

Who could I see playing him? Bradley Cooper.

01) Wonder Woman

There is no fuckin’ answer to why Wonder Woman has NEVER been adapted to the big screen. In the world of DC comics there are three iconic characters: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. In the world of comics itself she ranks in probably the top then of characters and there is no doubt that she is the most recognizable and famous female comic book character. So what is the deal? No studio will bank on a solo female comic book adapted film. The last three times it happened (Catwoman, Elektra, and Supergril) they bombed at the box office. But those three characters combined don’t have the clout of Wonder Woman among the world. She has a story that is worth telling, a defining style and character, not to mention one of the few that can translate to the female gender as greatly as the male gender of audience goers. The closest WB/DC came to green lighting a WW film, was when Joss Wheadon (the man that made Buffy the Vampire Slayer and delivered the 1.4 billion dollar Avengers for Marvel) attached, but WB decided against the director known for his empowering female leads and the mystery still continues to when the woman with the lasso of truth will finally hit the big screen.

Who could I see playing her? Olivia Wilde.

Honorable Mentions: Aquaman (Chris Pine), Dr. Strange (George Clooney), Electro (Aaron Paul). Green Lantern John Stewart (Common), Cable (Michael Biehn).

Stub Review: The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises


Does the Nolan Batman films end on the most epically high note ever? …No, but TDKR is still really good!

In my Top Ten…Movie Trilogies list I did a few months back, I preemptively listed Nolan’s Batman trilogy in the list as Number 10, even  without The Dark Knight Rises coming out for release at the time. Well it has come out, tragically it become a bigger deal for its opening weekend for something other than its box office numbers. But now we can look back at Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises as a complete trilogy and … it’s a powerful trilogy for one of the biggest and greatest heroes in all of comics, Batman.

I really like Batman Begins, its in my opinion the best origin film that has been made. The Dark Knight…is amazing. Backed by a powerful performance by the late Heath Ledger as the iconic Joker, that movie goes well beyond comic book movie status, to just being remembers as an all around great film. So how does TDKR stack up in comparison? It’s not The Dark Knight. Now that is not an insult to the film, it just can’t follow up the great sequel and to be honest I never thought it could, for the sole reason that Bane, Catwoman, and Talia al Ghul combined don’t equal the single great performance of The Joker.

My problems with TDKR don’t out weight my joy from the film, but for arguments sake, these are my three biggest problems with the film:

1) 3 Hour Batman film. Nolan has been met with such success in his career, that I fear no studio has the balls to tell him to trim his films. This movie has no reason to be as long as it is, there is at least a good 20 minutes that could have been left on the editing room floor and the time does take a toll near the middle of the film and as we get to the ring of numerous false endings.

2) Where is The Joker? I understand that Nolan wanted to respect Heath Ledger’s memory and all, but this entire film is predicated on the events of TDK and those events were set in motion by The Joker. A throwaway line about Joker being in Arkham or …something. Just something. It felt like a huge elephant in the room, where we saw something about every single bad guy in the previous films but The Joker.

3) Most importantly how the fuck does John Blake deduce that Bruce Wayne is Batman by a chance meeting 15 years ago and a smile? That’s all it takes? Batman has been spending close and personal time with Commissioner Gordon and he is made out to look like a fool if he couldn’t figure it out as quickly and easily as Blake did. Catwoman has seen BOTH Bruce Wayne and Batman up close and personal and couldn’t figure it out and she is a master jewel thief with a pretty good I.Q. It just bugs the living hell out of me.

Now with all those nit-picky complaints, you might think I didn’t enjoy the movie, but I did. I really did. I think Anne Hathaway easily stole every scene she was in as Catwoman, a interpretation of the character that is nothing like Michelle Pfeiffer’s from Batman Returns, but in a good way. Two completely different, but excellent versions of the original feline fatale. Bane was an excellent choice to follow up The Joker, because he is more powerful in both mind and brawn, giving Batman probably one of the worse beat downs this side of Batman & Robin that I have ever seen. It was just … brutal. I started to feel uneasy watching Bane crack Batman’s cowl with fist after fist.

The movie though is more dedicated to the rising of John Blake aka Robin from street cop to the new Dark Knight…or maybe its Nightwing? Either way a good portion of the film shows how Blake learns from being a beat cop to a detective to finally taking the steps to become a vigilante in wake of Bruce Wayne’s death….

… he didn’t really die. Just in the publics eye, as Bruce really retires with Selina to Italy, finally giving up the mantle of the Bat once and for all…that is until WB reboots and recasts a new Batman film in probably 4 years.

Either way, this is the final addition of Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy and maybe I will updated my top ten trilogy list to reflect where I now think his trilogy should stand after seeing the final piece of the puzzle.

I give it an EIGHTout of a TEN, on the scale of film merit and overall quality.

But I also give it a BANES VOICE out of TEN, on the scale of how much that voice kept taking me out of the film, as I thought I was listening to Christopher Walken speak.

Stub Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man (IN 3D!!!)

Buckle up, cause your about to bare witness at a nerdgasm!~

I love Spider-Man. There I said it…if you go and look at my “About Me” page, you can see my love for Spidey come through my witty sense of humor. Honestly it all started because we both have the name Peter. My name isn’t really that common, you see a lot of John’s, Mike’s, Steve’s…but not a lot of Peter’s (hehe) growing up. So when I got into comics when I was little and there was this high school/college kid superhero named Peter Parker, I was hooked. Not only is his first name Peter, but his last name starts with a P too? He wears glasses? Brown hair? Kinda dorky?

… is this guy me?

Well no, because no radioactive bug has bitten me yet (YET!~), but that’s where it started. From there, I’ve read over probably a thousand comics staring Spider-Man, have seen basically every animated Television version of the character, played as him in videogames, and have a bunch of toys, dolls, shirts, hats, and yes even a mask as part of my collection. But until the year 2002 the only thing missing from my obsession was to see Spider-Man in live action and no I am not talking about the very creepy Japanese Spider-Man or the live action show from the 70’s (which I use to watch all the time on reruns on the Sci-Fi network)…but a true and heartfelt version of the character come to life.

Sam Raimi delivered that in 2002. Then an AMAZING sequel in 2004. Then a very compromised third outing in 2007. Then that was it. Sam’s trilogy ended. There was suppose to be a fourth, but like the third movie, the studio and Sam clashed, but this time Sam Raimi walked and took his cast with him. So once again we were left with a blank slate for Spider-Man on the big screen….

….until Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and director Marc Webb web-sling into the picture to give us the awesomely titled The Amazing Spider-Man.

Now one thing of contempt amongst fans and non-fans is that its only been a seemingly quick five year gap between Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 (2007) and Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man (2012). In Hollywood that could be at least a decade of waiting, but it’s the first quick recasting/rebooting of a comic book film. The last time we saw this done in about the same about of time was with the Hulk. Ang Lee brought the jade giant to the big screen in 2003 to lukewarm praise and we once again got a remaining of green goliath by Louis Leterrier in 2008 under Marvel films.

But this is Spider-Man. More importantly this is THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. So what did Webb get right? What did he mess up on? What did I love? What did I hate? … well I pretty much loved all of it. Casting choices were spot on, I can’t praise Garfield and Stone enough for their sizzling on screen chemistry and what they brought to the timeless roles of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. Garfield managed to give both the role of Peter Parker and the role of Spider-Man something a little different, showing you that when that mask on, Peter is just a little bit more free emotionally and mentally. Bringing The Lizard to the screen was great as well, because hopefully with this new set of films we get to see the likes of villains we haven’t seen before. Don’t get me wrong I want to see Green Goblin holding Gwen Stacy off the top of the bridge; ready to fight Spider-Man. But can’t we get the taste of Mysterio, Shocker, Scorpion, or Kraven before that?

One thing about this film that was very lacking in Raimi’s trilogy is Peter wise cracking wit and scientific mind. While Peter Parker talked big in the original trilogy, we actually get to see Andrew’s Peter get his hands dirty with science stuff here. We watch his trial and error of making web shooters, we see him work formulas with Dr. Curt Connors, and a bit set piece takes place in a large science lab. Plus…besides one funny line in his cage match veruses Macho Man Randy Savage in Spider-Man, Tobey’s Peter never cracked one joke. He was very serious, very nerdy…but no witty banter when that masked was on. Webb and Garfield fix that very quickly, as we get not only a joking Spider-Man, but one that doesn’t shut up and banters with his enemies just like the comics.

I’m praising the hell out of the film and for a reason…but I also want to point out some things that I felt were either lacking or missed.

The topic is SPOILER HEAVEY!!!

Death of Captain Stacy. The death of Captain Stacy NEEDS to happen, but I just felt like it happened to quickly in this film, should have been saved for a sequel…plus I loved Dennis Leary as the character and would of loved to see more of him.

… and that’s it. Honestly. Well it might be a bit biased, just cause I’m a huge mark for the character, but everything else done in the film made me do nothing but smile. I loved minute one till minute 136 of the film. It did 3D very well, it ended with enough closure and mystery to keep you wanting more, and it made you just forget any problems and enjoy a guy in a spider outfit web slinging through the canyons of New York City.

This review by the time I saw the film, first started writing it and now finishing took me over a few weeks, but the film is still in theater so go see it! Enjoy it! And after your done, go out and pick up The Amazing Spider-Man comic book written by Dan Slott, who captures the character just as well as Webb/Garfield did with the film! You wont be disappointed!

I give the film a NINE out of TEN, on the scale of film merit and overall quality.

But I give it an even bigger *THWIP* out of TEN, on the scale of how much I thoroughly enjoyed the film!

MCU Phase 2: aka “Marvel blows their money shot and we approve.”

The lead in to The Avengers film was called “Phase One” by Kevin Feige. Phase One included: Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Captain America, and Thor. After the Avengers came out, we were told to be in store for what was called “Phase 2.” We had ideas for what Phase 2 would be, obviously sequels to Iron Man, Cap, and Thor. But what else?

Black Panther film? A NEW Incredible Hulk movie with Mark Ruffalo, after stealing the show in The Avengers? The ever talked about, but never updated on Ant-Man film by Edgar Wright? Could we see solo spinoff films for Black Widow, Hawkeye or S.H.I.E.L.D? Maybe something new and not talked about? Like The Punisher, or Blade, both of which film rights has been recently acquired back by Marvel Film.

Yesterday at the annual San Diego Comic-Con Marvel film had their presentation and let us all know what would be in store for in regards to Phase Two and it will look like this…


Wait a moment as I pick my jaw up from the floor.

*Picks it up.*

Where do we begin? From the word at Comic-Con both pieces of footage shown for Ant-Man and Iron Man 3 were met with great fan fare and fan boy approval. Thor sequel is just great news, because Hemsworth was a joy to see as the God of Thunder. Captain America sequel with Winter Soldier should be just amazing if Winter Soldier is just 1/8th as badass and interesting as Ed Brubaker made him be in the comics.

The real stand out news is that we are going to go into the cosmics of space with Guardians of the Galaxy, a relatively new updated concept of an old idea from Marvel. The cast of characters for this adventure will be Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot. … Yes you read that correctly, Raccoon as in … a raccoon, with a gun, that is badass and fucks shit up.

Then we have the long talked about Ant-Man, where Edgar Wright of Hot Fuzz and Shaunof the Dead fame helms the pint size superhero. Ant-Man in the comics was a founding member of The Avengers, but was sadly missing from the film this summer. So Edgar and his British style of film making will tackle the superhero and as he quoted “Ant Man will kick your ass-one inch at a time.”

That is Phase 2. Two brand new films and three sequels to three previously awesome characters and films. The time leading from Iron Man 3 until The Avengers 2 will be heaven for all of geekdom.