About Me

How do I explain my story? Well when I was younger, I went on a school filed trip to a local science laboratory. It was great…until the accident. Well without my knowing, out of nowhere a genetically altered spider landed on my hand and bit me…little did I know, that it would be the turning point of my entire life from then on. I discovered that not only did i survive from this spider bite, but i fantastically started to develop … powers.

I could climb on walls, produce a webbing from my wrists and developed this almost…spider-sense of when danger was going to happen near by. With these powers, I learned one important detail…with great power, comes great responsibility.

With that, this is my curse…this is my life…I am Peter P… Policastro.


Wait a minute… I think I confused my life with Spider-Man’s again. Damnit. I hate when that happens. Well I don’t have spider-powers (YET!), but my name is Peter and this is my blog. Blog about what you ask? Movies. TV. Comics. Slow walks on the beach… the usual.

So thank you for stopping by, look around, enjoy and please subscribe if you enjoy what you read and leave comments. If you don’t like what you read…then go fuck yourself. Yeah, that’s how I roll.