Lighting Speed Stub Reviews!~

Like I did a few weeks ago, I am doing another “Light Speed Stub Review” where I take a few movies that I have seen over the past few weeks and write a little bit, instead of a lot of bit like I previous done with Man of Steel and Monsters University.

Sometimes I have a lot to say about a film and sometimes I just go on a rampage of films, trying to take in so many new films to both enjoy and help deliver an escape over reality.

I really do dig this new concept and think about adapting it to different column called “A Week in Review”, where I just go through all the new films I have watched, but not ones that have been recently released, but just new films that I have watched for the first time.

World War Z – 8/10

I have to say that the publicity department fucked up royally on this film. The posters, trailers, and everything about this movie makes it look like a pile of dog shit, while in reality, the film isn’t that bad. Its a zombie movie that actually says the word zombie for once, its more of a psychological style film than straight up in your face gore fest, which is a nice change of pace. I’ve never read the book, so I don’t know how off course it is, but putting that aside, the film is enjoyable and suspenseful. The ending feels like they are setting up a sequel, which would be stupid.

Much Ado About Nothing – 9/10

If there is any writer that could take Shakespeare work and almost make it feel like its his own, its Joss Whedon. This modern update of the classic works so well it is crazy. Its funny and dramatic. Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof’s roles of Beatrice and Benedick respectively is worth the price of admission alone. They do such a wonderful job reciting classic Shakespeare talk and make it feel probably as human as possible. Much Ado is easily one of the best films I’ve seen this year thus far.

The Bling Ring – 7/10

The movie is so simple that it feels like sometimes you are watching a long drawn out reality show. The movie goes in simple stages, bunch of greedy, materialistic teens want to rob a celebs house, go and do it, and then enjoy their riches. that basically goes on for an hour or so, until the inevitable happens.

This Is The End – 9/10

This movie is fuckin’ hilarious. Just really funny, all the guys don’t take themselves serious at all and playing up their cartoony selves. McBride is the fuckin’ man in the film and the cameos they get are well worth not spoilering. Laughing from start to finish. It is hard to really truly review the film without giving away the spit take like gags.

The Purge – 6/10

A really interesting story idea that just doesn’t have the writing to back it up. Its a fast film, barely an hour and half, and doesn’t really explore all the psychological details it could of off its premise.

The Internship – 5/10

If this movie came out in 2005/6 it probably would be one of the highest grossing comedies of the year, but for today, its really just a standard comedy film that for the first half is really low on the laughs. It picks towards the end, with some funny situations, but never comes near the greatness of what Vaughn/Wilson had in Wedding Crashers.


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