Stub Review: Monster’s University

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Monsters University

The Monsters are back…but are they as good as before?

So, how did you enjoy the movie? That question goes out to every and all that read this little review. So many people enjoyed and loved the first Monsters Inc film. I feel like even though it’s silly to say, but it is one of those under looked gems of Pixar. So many talk about the Toy Story trilogy, Incredible’s, Wall-E, Up, Cars and now Brave…but so many forget how much fun and feelings came along with the little adventure, buddy/monster film from 2001.

Did it live up to the twelve year wait? Because I know when it comes to Pixar, everyone is in agreement that the Toy Story films are among the best of any movie and it’s sequels…but when it comes to the likes of Cars 2? It was literally the rock bottom of Pixar’s franchise. The movie might of made millions in merchandise, but the film it self just felt like a lifeless tale to sell toys to kids. Monsters U. though doesn’t fall in that black hole though, the script gives us the characters we love in Mike and Sully at their younger lives and a story that is not based on developing these two characters from enemies to future life long friends.

Did it make you laugh non-stop? There is something kinda strange and fun about seeing a “kids” film amongst children. It makes you realize that Pixar doesn’t make kid films, they make movies for all families of all ages. There are times when kids just laugh at certain jokes, times when the adults are the only ones laughing, and then there are just moments where its full on laughter of both sides.

Did you miss Boo? I know one of the things about the first movie that I loved was Boo. The small child that comes into the monster world and follows around Sully and Mike until they can figure out how to get rid of her…until they inevitably start to adore her. She was one the keys to that film and with this movie taking place before that, we obviously lose the Boo character and I was wondering if one of the big reasons that the first movie worked, would be what would be missing from the prequel? Worry not, because it doesn’t. University takes place almost entirely in the monster world with just the interactions of the monsters, setting up the future rivalries and friendships. While I’d love something to give us a nod to Boo or that future, its understandable that this film was about the story of Sully and Mike, not Sully, Mike and Boo.

Was the experience as enjoyable as the first time you saw Monster’s Inc.? I remember seeing Monsters Inc for the first time back in 2001, it was a really fun experience to say the least. Sometimes though I feel in today’s age, the movie going experience is more hectic, with gouging prices for tickets, soda, candy, and pop corn, that if you want to go out and enjoy a family film like this, it will ravage your wallet. But hopefully the families will come out in droves to enjoy this yet another Pixar classic in the making.

I give Monster’s University a NINE out of TEN, on the scale of film merit and overall quality.

But I also give it a “Mike Wazowski, yeah yeah, step aside kid.”out of TEN, on the scale old memories.


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