Stub Review: Jurassic Park 3D

photo 1Jurassic Park 3D

The most phenomenal film of our short past… becomes the greatest adventure of all time in 3D!

Released originally in 1993, Jurassic Park was not Steven Spielberg’s first blockbuster, far from it, but in some way is maybe one of his most influential blockbusters. I say because I know right after Jurassic Park first come out in the theaters, EVERYONE was talking about dinosaurs at school and on the playground. EVERY kid had a T-Rex lunch box or a t-shirt and when those tie-in Jurassic Park video-games or toys came out, they were very sought after by kids my age.

I know people today who are still very much into dinosaurs and their first reasoning of why they enjoy learning about the extinct creatures in the first place…because of a summer box office film back in the early 90’s.

Jurassic_Park3I think there was no real reason for this to be adapted to 3D at all, just re-release the film to celebrate its 20th anniversary, because I have to be completely honest and say this film holds up SO well. The plot while still is wildly unlikely to ever happen still gets you excited to think that a Jurassic Park could ACTUALLY happen one day. The dinosaurs, both practical and CGI, are amazing. When you first get a glimpse of that T-Rex in the rain, it is both chilling in a scary and awesome way.

I never read the book that the film is based off, but many talk how amazing it is and even more how bad the follow up sequel to JP, The Lost World is compared to the book. I don’t like the sequels to the Jurassic Park franchise, but the first oen is a classic film that both teaches you a little bit, scares you a little bit, and puts you on a grand adventure that is impossible to double in your real life. Maybe that’s why its looked back upon so fondly, the idea of a amusement park surrounded by dinosaurs is not just something that seems interesting and fun to today’s generation, but an idea that is still in process in our mind set.

Jurrasic_Park1Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Universal, Islands of Adventure, and Six Flags are all amusement parks in this country that are always adding to their parks, looking for the new attraction that will bring in millions of people, and give them A LOT of money. That is the main core of this film, one man taking something that hasn’t been seen in billions of years and using it as a money grab. The character of John Hammond is more horrible than the killer dinos, at least the T-Rex had a reason to kill…its in his nature, not his fault he was suddenly birthed in a world that couldn’t handle his sharp jaws and small arms.

I feel like Jurassic Park is one of the few films that deserves to have its life revisited every “anniversary” period. Its both a great silver screen adventure and nostalgic look back to a time where the idea of a fully CGI dinosaur was something to be thought about.

I give it an NINE out of a TEN, on the scale of film merit and overall quality.

But I also give it a RAAAAAAAAAAAWR out of TEN, on the scale of how deservedly so that damn lawyer deserved to be eaten after deserting the kids when the T-Rex showed up.


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