Disney owns Star Wars + The entire East Coast is sunked away!

I have no power. Luckily I have a gas oven and heat, but still no power makes you go kinda stir crazy in your own house pretty quickly.

But I was luckily enough not to have any bad damage happen to my home, but those in South Jersey and large parts of New York can’t say the same. For all those effected, hope the best for you and your safety…
….but in other news.

Disney’s attempt to own and take over the world is about almost complete. They have officially bought out LucasFilm for a very tiny amount of 4 billion dollars. Disney reps report that Star Wars: Episode 7 will be released by 2015 part of a new trilogy and a live action TV show to follow.

We can only hope that after years and years of people talking how they would make a better Star Wars film than Lucas and would direct actors better….they can back those words up. So many writers and directors will be swimming (too soon?) at the chance to get to Disney HQ and attempt to be hired for the job.

Will Luke and Leia return? Han and Chewie? C3-Po and R2-D2….of course they are, but WHAT ABOUT JAR-JAR BINKS! WILL HE MAKE HIS TRIUMPHANT RETURN TO THE STAR WARS!

Who knows? But after all Disney’s plan of purchasing Marvel turned out to be a pretty smart move so far, so maybe they have something up their sleeve ready to go with Star Wars and give us that experience that you only remember in a galaxy far far away … in 3 years.


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