Mini-Stub Reviews: Total Recal, The Campaign, The Bourne Legacy, The Watch, Finding Nemo 3D, & The Posession

Mini-Stub Reviews

 Note: Usually my stub reviews vary in length according to the film. When I am talking about something huge like The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, or The Dark Knight they tend to read a bit long. But over these past few weeks I managed to cram in 6 box office film and really I didn’t find myself with a lot to say about them on a whole, so I am cramming them all together in pieces of “Mini-Stub Reviews”. Maybe a paragraph or two per film fitted in one whole post.

Total Recall – 6/10

I haven’t seen the original in a long time and at best I thought the story idea was good, but it was so 80’s and Arnold centric I was curious to see how it would be done in today’s setting. Biel and Beckinsale were the best part actually, cause it was way hotter than it should of been to see them fighting. Colin was alright, he was much better I think in Minority Report than this, which is sorta the same style film. And in my opinion it was all in his mind.

The Bourne Legacy – 8/10

Not as good as Bourne Supremacy or Ultimatum….but it wasn’t until the film ended that I realized what this film was and why it was different. The Jason Bourne movies are action-thriller type films, this one is more a political-thriller, taking a much deeper look into the political secrecy of Treadstone and these corporations that help funded programs that created the likes of Jason Bourne and now Aaron Cross. Renner does a great job, this has probably been a break out year for him in terms of star power and him and Weiz give this film a human element that Matt Damon gave his films. I hope Renner stays with the franchise and lead us to the epic encounter of Cross vs. Bourne.

The Campaign – 6/10

It has its funny moments, mostly Will Ferrel stuff, but the movie on a whole, the entire plot is pretty weak. I know that’s pretty dumb to bring up since its a silly rated-R comedy, but still they flip flop so much on how they want these characters to be portrayed it gets kinda annoying, but that aside, there are some great moments and one liners that help you stay entertained from beginning to finish.

The Watch – 8/10

I liked this way more than The Campaign. It doesn’t take itself serious, Vaughn and Hill are great, Stiller does his usual role of late as being the straight guy that finally finds himself and has fun. And the British dude isn’t that bad either. Lot of alien fun, guns, and laughs.

The Possession – 7/10

The easiest way to explain this film to you is by this log line “It’s the Jewish Exorcism”. Take everything you know about the original Exorcism film, throw in some hardcore Judaism and you have the Possession. But instead of a head twisting, cross masturbating, and puke spewing devil child. You have a old lady infested, bug ingesting, … devil child. I couldn’t even tell you the name of any of the characters, this film is the definition of leaving your brain at the door type of cinema. I do have to give props for not making the Rabi into a stiff, boring character…they actually give him lines, make him current and young.

Finding Nemo 3D – 9/10

I don’t think Disney/Pixar can do wrong with their latest string of re-release 3D films. Lion King, Toy Story films, Beauty and the Beast, and now Nemo have all been joys to re-watch again. Monsters Inc. is coming out this December and I can only hope we get to see Aladdin make his 3D jump back into theaters sometime in the coming years. Nemo is a film that really new its audience was not JUST children, but people of all ages and most importantly…families. Marlin is one of the best Disney father figures, he just goes out and beyond for his son and Dory is one of the most hilarious supporting characters Pixar has ever created. Just always a joy to watch.
….Sorry about the quick format for these films, just been busy these past few weeks with personal issues that have taken my attention away from my blog. I have some new ideas for th


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