Top Ten…Comic Book Characters that NEED a big screen adaptation!!

Top Ten…Comic Book Characters that NEED a big screen adaptation!!

This year alone, we have seen the likes of The Lizard, The Avengers, and Talia al Ghul make their live action first apperance on film. There are thousands upon millions of characters gracing the pages of comic book from Action Comics #1 till today. But there is rare air for those that DESERVE to be seen in live action on the big screen…at least once. This is my personal opinion on the top ten that NEED to be adapted to the big screen one day soon. I don’t count television live action appearances either…because come on.

I’m also leaving out certain characters that have already been announced to be adapted soon or look to be in the works of adaptation to film.

10) The Black Cat

This is more personal than necessity. The Black Cat in my opinion is one of the better supporting characters in Spider-Man’s books. Throughout his fictional life, Peter Parker has had always a strong list of woman by his side, Aunt May, Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy and… Felicia Hardy aka The Black Cat. She was Catwoman before Catwoman knew how to be Catwoman that we all know today. Black Cat was the first of the two to wear black revealing leather, be a cat burglar, and have the hate/love romance with their more famous superhero. So why does she need a big screen adaptations…well I’ll give you TWO reasons….1) change of pace and 2) love/hate. Because when it comes to Black Cat she is in love with Spider-Man, but not Peter Parker and as much as she tries, its very hard for Cat to turn her back on her criminal ways, something that would lead to a very interesting live action dynamic between her and Spider-Man.

Who would I see playing her? Elisha Cuthbert.

09) Iron Fist

Better known as half of ‘Heroes for Hire’ along with Luke Cage aka Power Man, Iron Fist is both one of the most unique and powerful characters in all of the Marvel Universe. You could almost call him the Bruce Lee of Marvel, although Fist known as Danny Rand is a white boy, he packs a powerful punch known as literally the Iron Fist, powers given to him by the K’un L’un. What I think Fist brings to a live action film is something new a martial art superhero. We haven’t really seen that yet. We know Batman can fight, we have seen Captain America brawl, but we never seen a man with the deadly hands of kung fu kick some ass. Bring along Luke Cage for the ride, but we definitely should be treated by the martial arts master himself one day.

Who could I see playing him? Ray Park.

08) Mr. Sinister

In the X-Men film universe we have seen the likes of Magneto, Sentinels (briefly), William Stryker, Dark Phoenix, Mystique, Toad, Sabertooth, Blob, Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw and even Azazel. Besides the ultimate mutant known as Apocalypse…the next viable villain that should be seen fighting the team of mutants (be it current day for the First Class crew) should be Nathaniel Essex himself; Mr. Sinister. Known primarily for his dedicated rivalry against Cyclops, Sinister has have the mutant ability of longevity, telepathy, molecular manipulation, healing factor and a genius level IQ. He gives you the best of all the other X-Men villains in one, plus a damn awesome look. How can you hate a man that wears a cape so well? Sinister might not be as well known as Magneto, but is just as dangerous to the children of the Atom. With a red diamond forehead piece to boast, Sinister needs to be seen in the living flesh one day soon.

Who could I see playing him? Bryan Cranston.


07) Darkseid

The world was introduced (all but briefly) to Thanos during the end of The Avengers. But before there was Thanos, there wass Darkseid. He is the definite Justice League bad guy, the man that makes it seem reasonable that you need to see Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman all team up to fight him. He is an alien. He is powerful and he is a goddamn badass. Smallville tried their best with their moderate budget to do Darkseid, but…he is not a character meant for live action television. He is meant for the big screen. He is meant for widescreen depth. He is meant to be seen in Imax smashing Superman through a building, or towering over the team of the JL with those ominous red eyes.

Who would I see playing him? Michael Ironside w/ some heavy-duty makeup.

06) Harley Quinn

Iconic comic book characters come from … well comic books, right? But not Harley Quinn. The Jokers sidekick/lover/whore/victim whatever you want to call her was first shows and became famous from the cartoon show “Batman: The Animated Series.” Harley Quinn should have been a forgettable character, why does The Joker need a sidekick? But she works. Her character, her backstory, her look, her voice…it just was a great mix of a character you can believe would support The Joker, but also Harley works well on her own. She became famously paired with Poison Ivy as a fem-fetal duo of their own. It feels that film has been the only medium where we haven’t seen Harley shine in yet, but most likely that wont be for long.

Who would I see playing her? Kristen Bell.

05) Mysterio

Another Spider-Man villain that I feel especially in today’s heavy 3D age should be given a chance on the big screen…because who would not feel more at home in the movies than Quentin Beck himself. His backstory tells us that Beck was a former movie special effects man, before a horrible accident left him damaged and scared, leaving him to dawn a fishbowl for a helmet and theatrical tricks for his weapons. He might have one of the most …unique attires in all of villainy, but just imagine having Mysterio unleash his barrage of tricks, illusions, and magic in a 3D film, where it feels like it is happening to you as much as it’s happening to Spidey as well!

Who could I see playing him? Bruce Campbell.

04) Brainiac

In the Superman movies, we have either seen Superman face only two WORTHY challengers: Lex Luthor and General Zod. That’s it. Five features films, two worthy baddies, how does that math work out? Not to mention besides from Zod, Luthor has never been a worthy fist-a-cuffs style foe for The Man of Tomorrow, so that is where Brainiac comes along. He is alien. He is smart. He is powerful. He can push Superman physically and intellectually. And there is a long list of Brianiac storylines from the comics, that you can draw from. We have been waiting years to see Superman throw a fist and fuck some shit up and maybe he will do that against Zod in Snyder’s Man of Steel next summer, but Zod and Luther have been done to death. Bring us some Brianiac!

Who could I see playing him? Daniel Day-Lewis.

03) The Black Panther

Of all the characters that Marvel Studios currently have control over, a lot of them have found their way to the big screen. But there is one very important character and property that still hasn’t and that is the King of Wakanda himself, The Black Panther. Panther wasn’t the first black superhero, but he is one of the most important ones. He is the ruler and king of his own country, the most forward thinking, advance technology country in the Marvel universe. In the comics he is married to Strom from the X-Men, obviously that isn’t a possibility for film, but the African country side, his acrobatic skill and diversity does suggest that The Black Panther should find his way to the movie theater one day VERY soon, especially with MCU Phase 2 in currently progress. Do we really have to wait till phase 3 for Panther? I hope not.

Who could I see playing him? Djimon Honsou.

02) The Flash

The fastest man alive. Even faster than Superman, the Scarlett Speedster has NEVER seen the green light of a feature film, even though his characters history is as rich as Batman and Superman. Maybe it is because of his rogues gallery? Maybe it’s the fright of having a superhero who’s power is super speed? Maybe it’s the costume? Who knows, but this has to stop immediately. The Flash not just one of the most famous characters in all of comics, its also one of the funniest, especially if you are talking about the Wally West version, which is my particular favorite. With the write writer behind the project, we could get a film that packs as much action and enough humor to bring in the audience, but until WB bites that bullet, Flash will just forever be seen in the pages of comics and in animation on Television, never getting the chance to show off how fast he truly is in live action.

Who could I see playing him? Bradley Cooper.

01) Wonder Woman

There is no fuckin’ answer to why Wonder Woman has NEVER been adapted to the big screen. In the world of DC comics there are three iconic characters: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. In the world of comics itself she ranks in probably the top then of characters and there is no doubt that she is the most recognizable and famous female comic book character. So what is the deal? No studio will bank on a solo female comic book adapted film. The last three times it happened (Catwoman, Elektra, and Supergril) they bombed at the box office. But those three characters combined don’t have the clout of Wonder Woman among the world. She has a story that is worth telling, a defining style and character, not to mention one of the few that can translate to the female gender as greatly as the male gender of audience goers. The closest WB/DC came to green lighting a WW film, was when Joss Wheadon (the man that made Buffy the Vampire Slayer and delivered the 1.4 billion dollar Avengers for Marvel) attached, but WB decided against the director known for his empowering female leads and the mystery still continues to when the woman with the lasso of truth will finally hit the big screen.

Who could I see playing her? Olivia Wilde.

Honorable Mentions: Aquaman (Chris Pine), Dr. Strange (George Clooney), Electro (Aaron Paul). Green Lantern John Stewart (Common), Cable (Michael Biehn).


4 responses to “Top Ten…Comic Book Characters that NEED a big screen adaptation!!

  1. Spider Man and Black Cat were the leading characters in one of the most beautiful story arcs I’ve ever read. It is rather short (it starts in Amazing Spider Man 226 and ends in the following issue), but every single panel of it is pure awesomeness.
    In that period Spider Man had started to become more and more similar to Batman: the series passed from a sunny setting to a dark one, Peter started to cooperate with a female version of Commissioner Gordon (Jean De Wolff), and, most of all, he developed a detective approach he never had before. His relationship with Black Cat was a part of this project: Black Cat is Marvel’s Catwoman, so the affair between her and Peter deliberately reminded of the one between Batman and Catwoman.
    This magic period ended with the death of Jean De Wolff. She is one of the Spider Man characters who should have been employed more and in a far better way, along with Eddie Brock, Cletus Kasady, Betty Brant and so on.

    • I agree. Spidey and Cat are what I always felt to be the best relationship between a hero and female anti-hero.

      I think their stories were more interesting and complex than anything with Peter/MJ.

      • Recently I bought a Spider Man issue after a long time, and I was shocked: JJJ had become the mayor of New York, Peter had replaced MJ with a cop… I thought I had been on the DC side for too long. I’m still there, though: how could I renounce to comics like Animal Man or Blue Beetle?
        Thank you for your reply! : )

      • Then you have been away for a WHILE!

        Since the Brand New Day stuff, a lot has changed, but again there has been a lot of great story telling as well. I feel Dan Slott has been the perfect writer for Spider-Man in the last few years and introduced some great new characters to the history. JJJ as mayor though is just pure fun!

        Thanks for reading!

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