Top Ten…Most Overated Films* (Guest Commentary!~)

Top Ten… Over-Rated Movies of All Time:

*You see that awesome looking banner at the top of my page? That is all due to the great kindness and amazing ability of a good friend of mine named Kris Style. I’ve known Kris for a long time and he is a great graphic artists. After making me the banner he asked if he could make up one of his own top ten lists for my blog and I was more than happy to oblige. So this is all of the opinion of Kris Style!

10. Friday Night Lights

I’m a big sports guy and a bit of a movie guy so when this was recommended to me by a friend I thought that it would be worth a watch. Bad idea. This movie draws out longer than any that I have seen up until then and anything I’ve seen since. It felt like time had slowed down to the point of almost stopping during this thing. I only managed to make it through an hour or so of the movie and it still remains the only movie that I literally asked for my money back as I was leaving the theater.( I didn’t get it, but I did get a free pass to another movie.) And anything that same friend recommends, movie wise, I rent or stream just in case.

9. Good Will Hunting

While it does have a pretty good story and I will watch it from time to time, I think that the movie itself has some scenes or parts of scenes that should have hit the cutting room floor as they aren’t really needed to keep the story moving and just seem to make the movie longer than it needs to be.




8. Avatar

As a fan of professional wrestling there are wrestlers that are often called “Spot Monkeys” and Avatar is basically the movie equivalent… a “3D Monkey.” In pro-wrestling a “Spot Monkey” is not a racial slur and has nothing to do with a person’s appearance. What it means is that you can’t execute a proper arm drag or headlock to save your life and are average at best, but you’re willing to do crazy, over-the-top spots (usually involving ladders or other crazy jumps) to try and make yourself look good to the crowd. That’s what Avatar is in the movie world. A movie that’s just pretty good in terms of story, but made a huge amount of coin because of the awesome 3D it had on the big screen. Is it a bad movie? Absolutely not. It’s still an enjoyable watch, but is it worthy of being considered great movie? Absolutely not.

7. Any Bond Film*

I put an asterisk on this one because there are only two exceptions, so far, that I would make to this listing and those should be pretty evident to most of you, but I’ll list them for those of you that don’t know and they are: Dr. No and Goldfinger. James Bond fanboys (and girls to less extent) are really annoying. Every time there’s a new Bond movie announced they lose their damn minds and act like it’s the best thing since sliced bread before the thing is even made. Thing is though… they’re all the same damn movie. They change the villain, the girl (or girls is some cases) and the location, but well it comes down to it they’re all the same plot with basically the same ending.

6. Rocky

Yeah. I said it. Rocky is over-rated. In all, I’d rather watch any other movie in the series (except the flaming pile of crap that is 5) than the first one. It’s in no means a horrible movie, but it won the Academy Award for Best Movie for crying out loud.

5. Training Day

Denzel plans an evil mo-fo which is out of character for him which he was actually pretty at. (The man can act, what can I say?) He gives a great performance, but Oscar worthy? Nope. I think Peter hit the nail on the head with #3 on his Top Ten All Time Academy Awards Mistakes list.




4. Titanic

I have a feeling that about half of the money grossed (probably more) by Titanic was based mostly on guys taking their girl (or girls in some cases) to see it hoping that they’d see DiCaprio and get all worked up and mount them right then and there. There are probably a few instances where it worked, but most times it likely ended with a guy leaving the theater with a crying girl and feeling like he just wasted three hours of his life (minus the 2 minutes of Kate’s boobs).


3. Brokeback Mountain

The only reason most critics buzzed about this movie was because it was one of the first times two known Hollywood actors where willing to kiss each other full on the mouth. The story itself is average, at best.

2. Scarface (1983)

I’ve only seen this once and that was enough for me… and I like these type movies. Rappers and wannabe rappers are seemingly all about this movie and the only reason I can think of for that is because a majority of them come up in bad neighborhoods and think to themselves: “I can do that. I can sell all kinds of drugs and guns and become the biggest badass in history and no one will ever mess with me.” Problem is I think they just see the green and never see the end.


1. Lords of the Rings (All of them)

I know I’ll probably get flamed all over the web for this, but I don’t care. For those of you that haven’t seen any of the three LotR movies, let me save you a long, boring experience with this brief synopsis:

To be totally honest with you, I’ve only seen
the first hour and 45 minutes of the Return of the King, but I couldn’t stand it anymore. And there are a few parts I enjoyed in their journey, but the entire thing draws out to the point that you begin to think that you’re in some sort of government mind-control, torture beta test to see how long it takes you to run screaming into the streets, hoping to get hit by a car. In a nut shell Clerks 2’s Randal summarizes my feelings on the entire LotR trilogy when he said: “There’s only one Return and that’s …of the Jedi.”


2 responses to “Top Ten…Most Overated Films* (Guest Commentary!~)

  1. jeannie Santabene

    I cannot believe you would have Rocky, one of the greatest films in cinema history on your list. WOW! shame on you.

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