Stub Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man (IN 3D!!!)

Buckle up, cause your about to bare witness at a nerdgasm!~

I love Spider-Man. There I said it…if you go and look at my “About Me” page, you can see my love for Spidey come through my witty sense of humor. Honestly it all started because we both have the name Peter. My name isn’t really that common, you see a lot of John’s, Mike’s, Steve’s…but not a lot of Peter’s (hehe) growing up. So when I got into comics when I was little and there was this high school/college kid superhero named Peter Parker, I was hooked. Not only is his first name Peter, but his last name starts with a P too? He wears glasses? Brown hair? Kinda dorky?

… is this guy me?

Well no, because no radioactive bug has bitten me yet (YET!~), but that’s where it started. From there, I’ve read over probably a thousand comics staring Spider-Man, have seen basically every animated Television version of the character, played as him in videogames, and have a bunch of toys, dolls, shirts, hats, and yes even a mask as part of my collection. But until the year 2002 the only thing missing from my obsession was to see Spider-Man in live action and no I am not talking about the very creepy Japanese Spider-Man or the live action show from the 70’s (which I use to watch all the time on reruns on the Sci-Fi network)…but a true and heartfelt version of the character come to life.

Sam Raimi delivered that in 2002. Then an AMAZING sequel in 2004. Then a very compromised third outing in 2007. Then that was it. Sam’s trilogy ended. There was suppose to be a fourth, but like the third movie, the studio and Sam clashed, but this time Sam Raimi walked and took his cast with him. So once again we were left with a blank slate for Spider-Man on the big screen….

….until Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and director Marc Webb web-sling into the picture to give us the awesomely titled The Amazing Spider-Man.

Now one thing of contempt amongst fans and non-fans is that its only been a seemingly quick five year gap between Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 (2007) and Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man (2012). In Hollywood that could be at least a decade of waiting, but it’s the first quick recasting/rebooting of a comic book film. The last time we saw this done in about the same about of time was with the Hulk. Ang Lee brought the jade giant to the big screen in 2003 to lukewarm praise and we once again got a remaining of green goliath by Louis Leterrier in 2008 under Marvel films.

But this is Spider-Man. More importantly this is THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. So what did Webb get right? What did he mess up on? What did I love? What did I hate? … well I pretty much loved all of it. Casting choices were spot on, I can’t praise Garfield and Stone enough for their sizzling on screen chemistry and what they brought to the timeless roles of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. Garfield managed to give both the role of Peter Parker and the role of Spider-Man something a little different, showing you that when that mask on, Peter is just a little bit more free emotionally and mentally. Bringing The Lizard to the screen was great as well, because hopefully with this new set of films we get to see the likes of villains we haven’t seen before. Don’t get me wrong I want to see Green Goblin holding Gwen Stacy off the top of the bridge; ready to fight Spider-Man. But can’t we get the taste of Mysterio, Shocker, Scorpion, or Kraven before that?

One thing about this film that was very lacking in Raimi’s trilogy is Peter wise cracking wit and scientific mind. While Peter Parker talked big in the original trilogy, we actually get to see Andrew’s Peter get his hands dirty with science stuff here. We watch his trial and error of making web shooters, we see him work formulas with Dr. Curt Connors, and a bit set piece takes place in a large science lab. Plus…besides one funny line in his cage match veruses Macho Man Randy Savage in Spider-Man, Tobey’s Peter never cracked one joke. He was very serious, very nerdy…but no witty banter when that masked was on. Webb and Garfield fix that very quickly, as we get not only a joking Spider-Man, but one that doesn’t shut up and banters with his enemies just like the comics.

I’m praising the hell out of the film and for a reason…but I also want to point out some things that I felt were either lacking or missed.

The topic is SPOILER HEAVEY!!!

Death of Captain Stacy. The death of Captain Stacy NEEDS to happen, but I just felt like it happened to quickly in this film, should have been saved for a sequel…plus I loved Dennis Leary as the character and would of loved to see more of him.

… and that’s it. Honestly. Well it might be a bit biased, just cause I’m a huge mark for the character, but everything else done in the film made me do nothing but smile. I loved minute one till minute 136 of the film. It did 3D very well, it ended with enough closure and mystery to keep you wanting more, and it made you just forget any problems and enjoy a guy in a spider outfit web slinging through the canyons of New York City.

This review by the time I saw the film, first started writing it and now finishing took me over a few weeks, but the film is still in theater so go see it! Enjoy it! And after your done, go out and pick up The Amazing Spider-Man comic book written by Dan Slott, who captures the character just as well as Webb/Garfield did with the film! You wont be disappointed!

I give the film a NINE out of TEN, on the scale of film merit and overall quality.

But I give it an even bigger *THWIP* out of TEN, on the scale of how much I thoroughly enjoyed the film!


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