MCU Phase 2: aka “Marvel blows their money shot and we approve.”

The lead in to The Avengers film was called “Phase One” by Kevin Feige. Phase One included: Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Captain America, and Thor. After the Avengers came out, we were told to be in store for what was called “Phase 2.” We had ideas for what Phase 2 would be, obviously sequels to Iron Man, Cap, and Thor. But what else?

Black Panther film? A NEW Incredible Hulk movie with Mark Ruffalo, after stealing the show in The Avengers? The ever talked about, but never updated on Ant-Man film by Edgar Wright? Could we see solo spinoff films for Black Widow, Hawkeye or S.H.I.E.L.D? Maybe something new and not talked about? Like The Punisher, or Blade, both of which film rights has been recently acquired back by Marvel Film.

Yesterday at the annual San Diego Comic-Con Marvel film had their presentation and let us all know what would be in store for in regards to Phase Two and it will look like this…


Wait a moment as I pick my jaw up from the floor.

*Picks it up.*

Where do we begin? From the word at Comic-Con both pieces of footage shown for Ant-Man and Iron Man 3 were met with great fan fare and fan boy approval. Thor sequel is just great news, because Hemsworth was a joy to see as the God of Thunder. Captain America sequel with Winter Soldier should be just amazing if Winter Soldier is just 1/8th as badass and interesting as Ed Brubaker made him be in the comics.

The real stand out news is that we are going to go into the cosmics of space with Guardians of the Galaxy, a relatively new updated concept of an old idea from Marvel. The cast of characters for this adventure will be Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot. … Yes you read that correctly, Raccoon as in … a raccoon, with a gun, that is badass and fucks shit up.

Then we have the long talked about Ant-Man, where Edgar Wright of Hot Fuzz and Shaunof the Dead fame helms the pint size superhero. Ant-Man in the comics was a founding member of The Avengers, but was sadly missing from the film this summer. So Edgar and his British style of film making will tackle the superhero and as he quoted “Ant Man will kick your ass-one inch at a time.”

That is Phase 2. Two brand new films and three sequels to three previously awesome characters and films. The time leading from Iron Man 3 until The Avengers 2 will be heaven for all of geekdom.


2 responses to “MCU Phase 2: aka “Marvel blows their money shot and we approve.”

  1. I feel that, after Phase II, the MCU might expand even more. They might take more risks, and have a smaller series of films alongside the bigger blockbusters. For example, Blade, Punisher, Luke Cage, etc. That way, they can really expand their universe on every level, show heroes fighting on the streets, against cosmic threats, and even into the stars.

    Also, if Sony and Marvel can strike up a deal, bring Spider-Man into the MCU. That’d be awesome.

    • Agreed on smaller series of heroes. Not every film in the MCU needs to be connected to The Avengers. Plus I would love to see more diversity among the films especially when you talk about Black Panther or even doing a Heroes for Hire film maybe with Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

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