Stub Review: Brave


How Pixar managed to give a ginger a soul.

I did not like Cars 2. Agree or disagree, It doesn’t matter, because in my mind that is the red-headed step child of the Pixar brand. Ironic I say that, because right after putting up a gutter ball with Cars 2, it is a curly red headed Scottish girl that helped find Pixar their way back to the fast lane of movie making with heart.

There are a lot of animated films. Every year dozen upon dozen of them come out, but Pixar always stood apart because their films had a little something extra. That extra element was heart, you felt for the story of talking toys. You felt for a fish that lost its son. You felt for a robot that fell in love and you feel for a Scottish tomboy of a girl that just wants to make her own destiny…but instead finds out all of her courage and strength was passed down to her by her even braver mother.

If you can look past the sometimes silly Scottish accents, you will find a heart warming film that centers on a young girl learning a bear of a lesson from her mother.

… now if you have seen the film already, you get the pun, if not…well. Her mom turns in a bear.

Yep, it might sound odd and think it couldn’t work…but it does. There is a sense of danger too, because thanks to a deal our hero, Merida, cuts with a witch, her mother changes into a bear and unless they can fix this spell, she will STAY a bear after two days. Like with most Pixar films, the plot is simple, but it’s the execution of the writing and voice work that make the film more than simple kiddy fodder like most animated films.

The big thing you take away from the film is the scenery and that is one thing I can’t fully describe to you in text of how beautiful it looks. There are moments of the film that you slip out of the story and stare at the screen like it’s a painting, because of such magnificent design work done by the animators.

I give Brave an EIGHT out of TEN, on the scale of film merit and overall quality.

But I also give it a SIGH OF RELIEF out of TEN, on the scale of thankfulness that Pixar found their way after one bad bump in the road.


P.S. You find blue floaty jellofish you follow them toward your future!


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