Stub Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman

Mirror Mirror on the wall….you are freaking kidding me? Kristen Stewart is hotter than Charlize Theron?

That is my biggest problem with the film, well that and its time length, but mostly that I am suppose to be on board with that wild theory. I can buy mystical witches. Dwarfs are fine in my book, even if they have creepy large CGI heads of normal sized people. Thor with an axe instead of a hammer…i can get on board with that too. But in what fantasy world is Stewart more beautiful than Theron? No storybook world that i live in.

But besides that huge glaring error, I liked the film and that kind of surprised me even while watching it. This was the second of two Snow White flicks to come out this year, the other being the Julia Roberts headlining “Mirror Mirror”, which I did not see, but had a tint of Bollywood flamboyance to it, at least that’s what i got from the previews.

This one though seemed darker from the the first trailer on. We have Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen in all her overacting greatness. We have Chris Hemsworth aka Thor, playing the grieving and drunken Huntsman and Kristen Stewart playing the pale face, dark haired Snow White. They all play their roles very well, there is a Prince of the film, but he is more of an afterthought while the focus is on the three main players of Queen, Snow White and the Huntsman.

While Stewart has been bashed to oblivion over her acting style of no smiling, mouth always open, awkward and very dopey…and she keeps it going here, but for some reason it works. She doesn’t sound so breathless as she does while portraying Bella in the Twilight films, but actually looks like this is a role he wanted to do. Theron and Hemsworth truly steal the film for opposite reasons, Charlize playing the Wicked Queen with extra emphasis on Wicked to perfection and Hemsworth as the man on the mission Huntsman that gives you the action you want and also some tender moments with Snow White that you believe work.

I give it a SEVEN out of TEN, in terms of film merit and overall quality

But I also give it a Thor’s Hammer > Huntsmans Axe out of TEN, in terms of how badly I was hoping he would call for his God of Thunder powers during the film.


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