Stub Review: American Reunion

American Reunion

 Best Slice of Pie Yet….that has had a dick stuck into it!~

I seriously hate that quote with a passion. Every fuckin mediocre film critic has used the “Best Slice of Pie Yet!” review line since American Pie 2, to American Wedding, and now plastered all over the place for American Reunion. With that said though…American Reunion is a worth successor of those original trio of films and stands right beside those films as being just as raunchy, just as funny, and just as American Pie-ish. What exactly does American Pie-ish mean? Well its not in Webster’s Dictionary or anything, but it defines that a film needs dick jokes, foul language, tits, one maximum gross out scene, some crazy sex antics, lots of drunkenness, and top it all off with a bit of heart. Yeah…that is what the ingredients for a good American Pie movie should have and Reunion has it, then some.

 So as a bit of a quick recap…in American Pie, our main group of horny teenagers, Jim, Oz, Finch and Kevin. Four different personalities, but four best friends. Oz hits it off with choir chick, Heather. Finch romances Stifler’s Mom. Kevin and his High School sweetheart Vicky are finding each other sexually and Jim…Jim is just hopping to have sex in the worse way. Eventually they all lose their virginity, Jim with a band camp freak known as Michelle. Oh…and there is this guy Stifler, who is the asshole that every high school had that you hated and loved at the same time, brilliantly played by Seann William Scott.

 Lets fast forward a bit…in American Pie 2, our characters are now in college, advancing their relationships in certain stages, reflecting the hopes and desires of college kids. In American Wedding we see Jim and Michelle tie the knot, as their friends and family (minus Oz, Heather, and Vicky) show up to watch the  would be disastrous wedding finally happen. Now we come to Reunion, every major player from the first film is here…from Jim to Stifler to Oz to…EVERYONE. Throw in dick jokes, sex, nudity, and raunchy humor, you have the American Pie franchise rolled up in a pretty little bow.

But how does Reunion rank amongst the previous films…very well. The film delivers us exactly what we want…we want \ the same humor, we want our original cast back, and we want to laugh and not think. That is what Reunion delivers in with spades. If you watch this film right after the first movie, you will see MANY Easter eggs or little hints to each other. The attire and location of Jim’s Dad and Jim’s talks…the boys around the hot dog stand…many in references to the original film. Stifler is still one of the greatest asshole characters in film history, right up there with Biff from Back to the Future.

The film doesn’t explore any new or fascinating territory…and it shouldn’t, this is a reunion. By the definition of the name, all I want from the film is these character to interact with each other and teach us why we loved them in the first place. The moment we see Jim’s dick pressed up against a clear pan lid (yeah you heard me), I knew I was in the hands of a writing team that wanted to deliver the movie I wanted to see. If you enjoy the American Pie series, you will love this movie. If you don’t…you might not get it, but that’s ok, its not for every to understand or get…its just…American Pie. Warm…good ol’ American Pie. So stick your dick in and enjoy.

I give it an EIGHT out of a TEN, on the merit of film quality and comedy.

But I also give it a HOLY FUCKIN SHIT out of TEN, on the scale of how shocking it was to see them use so much CGI to make Tara Reid look like a sober and presentable human being.


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