Stub Review: 21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street

BREAKING NEWS: Hollywood adapts an 80’s television show to the big screen!~







No…not you.

















…There you go!

Hollywood loves themselves some remakes, I could do an entire article just based on that fact alone, but this a Stub review focused upon one of those many remakes…one that I don’t think anyone was asking to see, but nobody has shown outrage for happening. I hate to admit being wrong, but when I first read the news about this film being green lit, fat Jonah Hill having an active role in an action movie and the casting of the Robotic actor known as Channing Tatum …how did you not think it was going to be a big pile of fail.

But surprising it wasn’t…it was far from a big pile of fail, it was funny, it was smartly written, and well acted. Holy shit…did I just give Channing Tatum an acting compliment? What the fuck is going on? But for the first time out of many chances (*cough*GIJOE*cough*STEPUP*cough*THEEAGLE*cough*)…Tatum finally looks to come out of that robotic-shell of his and show some…dare I say it… personality!? Tatum comes off here as not only likeable and relatable, given his large stature and good looks (what …I’m blind?) …that would seem as a hard accomplishment, but Tatum easily comes off as the nerd centric one of the duo…and when that duo is half of the formerly VERY full Jonah Hill, that’s an acting accomplishment.

We come to Jonah Hill, this is the film he famously lost all that weight for. He went from a fat funny guy who had the same routine in every film he was in…until a little film called Moneyball hit big last year. Moneyball was the first time that there was some acting credibility under that Jew-fro of his. Hill plays a very Superbadish role here and you would be quick to just throw away his performance as a re-tread of that films character, but instead we see Hill bring more than the curse words (even though they flow free and rapidly), Hill actually brings the demeanor of the everyman here that he works well with.

The story is simple, Tatum and Hill are bumbling cops that were once on the opposite side of the cool spectrum in High School and now are best buddies. They are sent to a high school as undercover cops to bust a drug ring which is highlighted by any scene that Dave Franco is in. Hill falls in with the cool kids, while Tatum learns to love his inner nerd and hijinks progress. This film has a great moment towards the end that gives way to a cameo to one of the original actors from 21 Jump Street the television show. Lets just say his name rhymes with Bonny Kepp. You don’t see it coming, its brilliantly executed and just a cherry on the top of a well made and hilarious cake.

I give it a EIGHT out of a TEN, on the merit of film quality and comedy.

But I also give it a JONAH HILL LOVE HANDLE out of TEN, on the scale of how freaky it is to still see a skinny Jonah Hill.


3 responses to “Stub Review: 21 Jump Street

  1. Actually, there are at least three cameos in the film – Johnny Depp, Peter DeLouise, and Holly Robinson Peete. Also a lot of the characters’ names are references to the original series.

    • I know, but going into this film I think the most common person would be more excited to see Depp pop up than Peete or DeLouise. Unless you were a fan of the original show it self, then you probably like all the callbacks.

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