Stub Review: Ghost Rider – Spirit of Vengeance

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Oh Nic Cage…you crazy son of a bitch.

Lets be very clear on one thing. Nic Cage of today is nothing like the Nic Cage of the 80’s/ 90’s (save for the excellent Adaptation). Now maybe has his hair has slowly been disappearing so has his sane judgment in roles, but for one reason or another, more people joke, comment, ridiculous, etc…about his choice in films and roles over the 15 years or so. Maybe after finally getting his Oscar (this is Oscar season you know), Cage finally gave up caring about being picky about role choices, which lead him to know about the future with Jessica Biel, become bear-costume wearing psychopath, and a deranged father-husband who’s being kept hostage with Nicole Kidman.

Now that I got my Nic Cage rant out of the way…lets move on to the movie. Out of the gate, I am a comic book geek, but unlike most comic book nerds I don’t find everything besides the stuff I love to be horrible. Just fancy your way on to the SHH! forums to see those type of nerds, who just hate everything under the sun and love to bitch and rant, more than appreciate and enjoy the new.


This is Ghost Rider 2. So it hard to take the side of the grass being greener on the other side of the fence here. The first film, Ghost Rider, was a simple; color by numbers type of comic book film. You had a popular leading lady (Eva Mendes), a scene chewing lead (Sir. Nic Cage), an origin story, and a dynamic and bizarre looking leading character. The problem with this movie and this formula is that the first Ghost Rider complete botched it. Instead of doing what Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man and …fuck even Blade did with their films, Ghost Rider went against the number one…numero uno … číslo jedna (that’s Czech, thank you Google Translate) rule of comic adaptation… STICK TO THE COMICS!

But maybe one day when I feel like wasting time and writing up a whole big Comic Book Movie retrospective, ill deal with the first Ghost Rider movie…this review is about its sequel. And the easiest way I could review the sequel against the firs movie would be…

Better effect than the first movie. Crazier than the first. More Nic Cagey-er than the first.

No more words need to be said to understand that review, in my opinion. But overall, the film is still just meh…at best. Ghost Rider could be a good comic adaptation, if it had a R rating, serious vision behind it, and someone who picked up a comic book …or went to wikipedia to check out the back-story of Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch.

I give Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance a FIVE out of TEN, on the scale of film merit and overall quality.

But I give it an even bigger NIC CAGE HAIRPIECE out of TEN, on the scale of Nic Cage overactingness.


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