Stub Review: The Woman In Black

You’re a decent actor, Harry.

This is best to my knowledge the ONLY thing I have ever seen Daniel Radcliffe act in that didn’t involve the words “Harry” or “Potter” in the title. Well…he did have that AMAZING guest spot in Ricky Gervais’ Extras, but he was more mocking himself than acting as another character…so I’m sticking with my original statement.

From what I know about The Woman In Black (aka Wikipedia), this movie is based on a book of the same name and has been previously made as a TV Movie as well a few decades ago. I haven’t read the book, never saw the TV movie, so I will be basing all my thoughts about the story on this film alone, be that a good or bad decision on my part.

I like Daniel Radcliffe, I really do. I think he has a future in Hollywood,  I have heard great things about his Broadway play “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” and maybe his future will lay in that sorta area, dominating the stage, but he certainly has a presence on the screen and if you second guess him just because he is “Harry Potter”, than your fooling yourself.

But as you can see, this has all been talk about the lead actor and not the film…and well, that is because I found the film to be a run of the mill horror film that is 8 years to late with its scares. This film is from the infamous British horror studio, Hammer. If you don’t know, Hammer has remade the classic Universal movie monsters in their own style, from Dracula, to Frankenstein, to The Mummy, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

They didn’t just remake it in name only, they gave their own spin to those monsters and added blood, boobs, and carnage. More importantly though…they were all Rated R films and personally that is what this film is lacking, an old fashion Hammer Studio ‘R’ rating. PG-13 and this story don’t mesh into something scary, but something more frustrating. The film touches upon some heavy tones as in the death of children and could play its psychological horror amongst the town people, but really go half ass with both.

Overall, if you’re a Radcliffe fan or a Harry Potter obsessed person, you probably will see this out of feeling of necessity, but if you are a just random moviegoer and decide to see a film this weekend, I warn you that you will gain more laughs from the “scary” moments, then piss your pants frights.

I give it a FIVE out of a TEN, on the merit of film quality and storytelling.

But I also give it a TWO out of TEN, on the scale of not scariness.


One response to “Stub Review: The Woman In Black

  1. Not especially original and not tremendously scary, but there are a few pleasurable jolts of fear, some shiver-down-your-spine moodiness and it doesn’t overstay its welcome for too long. Nice write-up.

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