Oscar Noms (nom..nom..nom)

So that time of the year is here, when all the film nerds come to their glowing computer screens, look at their go to movie websites and collectively “meh” about the Oscar nominations. It is now so common theme to hear about all the snubs…the bitching…the moaning, then to ever just sit back and applaud the Academy for nominating the right people for doing a good job.

So interwieved in this post of congratulations…will be bitching of course, cause come on…it’s the Oscars!? They never do anything 100% correctly, do they?

The Good:               

-Hugo‘s recognition in Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Cinemtography
-Gary Oldman’s FIRST Academy Award Nomination (Really Oscars?…Took this long)
Cars 2 NON-nomination. Good on the Academy for not tossing Pixar a bone on a mistep like that.
-Woody Allen being nominated in categories like Best Writing, Best Director and Midnight in Paris getting a Best Picture nom.
The Barber of Birmingham getting a Best Documentary Nod. Watched the flick, good stuff.
Bridesmaids NOT getting a Best Picture nom. It’s overrated…get over it.

The Bad:

-No visual effects nomination for Captain America or Thor. The “Skinny Steve” effect and the visualation of Vahalla are just amazing.
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close getting nominated…for anything.
-No love for Ryan Goseling in any of the incredible work he did in 2011 in three vastly different roles.
-Charlize Theron being snubbed for Young Adult. The film was good, but her performance was fantastic.  Did we really need Rooney Mara shoehorned in there?

The Ugly:

-That even though he has a humongous dong, Michael Fassbender can’t even get a nomination for Shame. Lot of small dicked Academy Members, me think.


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