Anyone there?

First off, let me just say…you would think it be easy to just google search “empty stage” and get a picture that doesn’t have some silly watermark on it…what are people affraid of, that I’m going to steal their image and use it for my own…oops.

Second point…and yes, this will be a list of points for my introduction, cause there is just something so amazing and intreguing about lists. Its cataroized, its numerical, and it gets you excited and nervous as it goes on.

Third point…I know your asking yourself “what was the second point?”, no clue myself, but thought it would be a good idea to quickly jump into another point…

Fourth point…like this! I guess around here I should actually introduce the novel idea of having my own blog, right? Right?…oh wait, I forgot, this is my first post and I have no “followers”, so nobody is reading this. That’s ok, I don’t mind talking to myself.

Fourth point and a half…this blog is my outlet. At the moment I’m working a dead end part-time job and looking for something more fulfilling in my life, but this blog will be my less girly diary of such. Like the title says “Movies. TV. Comics. Prostitution…I can guarantee 3 out of 4.” Three out of those four are my favorite things in the world…and the fourth might actually be a reasonable career choice when I really become scrapped for cash.

Fourth point and three quarters…Sometimes i’ll blab on about whats on (or should be on) Television. Maybe its some recent movie news that got me in a flutter. Or maybe its some geeky comic stuff that sends my fanboy rage into high gear. But whatever it is…it means SOMETHING to me in some way…so I’m going to post it. Deal with it.

Fifth point…Why “The Jersey Critic?”…because all the cool names were taken and when I do put my critical hat on, you will understand why I write the way I speak. Like South Park once said…It’s a Jersey thing!


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